The Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Celebrating the art in everyday life.


In every moment of every day, everywhere I go, I see something extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring. I am moved to share it by interpreting it in a medium that most clearly expresses my inspiration in that moment, be that medium visual or literary, 2D, 3D, poetry or prose or some combination thereof. I only hope to do honor to the moment and fill others with the same blush of joy I felt at first experiencing it. On this site I present the results of those efforts to interpret my inspirations—my cats, commissioned cats and dogs, wildlife, landscapes, flowers, waterscapes, just about anything that crosses my path.

Portraits of Animals and Paths I Have Walked feature my latest fine artwork and photography, original art and prints, handmade creations, apparel, housewares, gift items, greeting card sets, books and calendars inspired by my household of felines and the beauty of nature.

Most of my fine art, even if the original is sold, is available as a print in various sizes and styles, and as note cards or greeting cards in various sizes. In addition, I create unique items by hand such as block-printed textiles, or using the image of one of my works which I add to a keepsake box or print on a tablecloth, or have commercially printed on cards or mugs or tiles. All work on this site is original, all of it was created by me from my own sources.

For more about my life as an artist, read “About My Life as an Artist”. To browse my site, click the thumbnails below, each linked to a different page on this site, or use the menu on the left. Consider registering an account on this site, and I will thank you with your choice of a matted print—visit Current New Member Gifts to see the current selection..

I hope you enjoy your visit. I have so much to share…