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A Sign of Something: Peace, Love and Flowers

The peace sign is a peaceful blue, and the heart is a vibrant red, the flower is a sunflower, specifically a woodland sunflower, a motif you may see frequently on this site. The color is golden yellow, but the center is stippled on with copper metallic paint, just to give it a little sparkle and […]


Signs of the Cat

After producing a few signs back in August I’ve updated each of these four designs just a bit, adding a little color here and there and keeping the designs the same size. Just doodlin around in my studio with some nice weathered wood from my neighbor’s old stockade fence. I like the look of the […]


People Will Know a Cat Lives here

I don’t like to run the same post on two different blogs on the same day but I want to let my readers here know about my first set of painted signs for cats. Rather than reprinting the same information in this post, I’m just going to give you the link to my post on […]

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