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Seasons on the Panhandle Trail, “Wild Apples”

Sixth Annual Exhibit SUN SHADOW ICE & SNOW seasons along the panhandle trail “Wild Apples” featuring poetry inspired by the trail & woods plus paintings & sketches from prior exhibits prints of paintings and photos handmade gift items inspired by the trail Opening Friday August 23, 2019 5:00 P.M. through Saturday August 24 11:00 P.M. […]


Even the World Must Rest | Paths I Have Walked

…but even the world, the busy life of this planet must rest in darkness for part of the day lest we destroy ourselves with our own productivity,… Read today’s poem: Even the World Must Rest | Paths I Have Walked


Poem and Essay, A Writing Sample: The Cabinet

Portraits of Animals features all the things I have for sale made from my creative efforts, but I don’t often share what inspires those creative efforts, especially for my writing. Eventually I will have a few anthologies as print and e-books, and will also offer individual stories, essays and poems as electronic downloads with my […]

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