"Bandit", 16" x 23", pastel, 2004.

Commissioned Portrait Portfolio

This page offers my Commissioned Portrait Portfolio, just the art so you can browse at images and get some ideas for your own portrait. I have been creating custom portraits of peoples’ animal companions since 1993, and now my total portraits number over 100 in six different media. Because my commissions extend back 25 years, some of the images aren’t terribly clear, but they are still fun to look at.

I always work from photographs to create a portrait of an animal, usually compiling two or more (or a whole photo album of) photographs to accurately study and render the physical characteristics of the image which the commissioner desires.

But a portrait, human or animal, is not just a picture of the subject’s physical characteristics, and this is where I really customize the portrait. An accurate portrait captures as much of the subject’s emotional and spiritual traits as is possible, and this is true for animals as well as people. In animal portraiture, I endeavor to get to know the animal either by a face-to-face meeting or by interviewing the animal’s human companion(s), then instilling as much of what I have gathered into the work as I can. Often it looks nothing like any photos given to me, and I take a number of intuitive leaps while I’m working, but I go where the portrait leads me, and in the end my subject looks back at me and I know I’ve gotten there.

This is not all my portraits; I will just say that I have so many that they are digitally stored in different places and I will periodically add another group from another era. Read about my portraiture on Commissioned Animal Portraits and for portrait pricing and terms and a demonstration of how a portrait is created, please see my Portrait Demonstration page.

You can also purchase a portrait certificate for yourself or for a gift.

Feline Portraits

Commissioned Portrait: Four Kitties Watching Mom

A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: “Sooty”

Commissioned Portraits: Samantha, and Honey, Tommy and Andy

Commissioned Portrait: General Keisha

A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: I’ll Be Seeing You

Commissioned Portrait: Tommy

A Small and Simple Portrait, “Chloe”

Commissioned Portrait: Henry, in Two Styles

New in Feline Artwork, Bandit Will Steal Your Heart

A Special Gift for the Cat Guy in Your Life

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Canine Portraits

Commissioned Portrait: “Guy”

Commissioned Portrait: “Annie”

Commissioned Portrait: Annie, the World’s Greatest Dog

Commissioned Portrait: Two Portraits, Choose One

Cats and Dogs Together

Commissioned Portrait Specials for Mothers, Fathers and More

A Commissioned Portrait Certificate as a Gift

People and Pets

Commissioned Portrait: Hania and Gracja

A Special Gift for the Cat Guy in Your Life