"Into the Woods at Frankfort Springs", the image for my first solo exhibit.


Annual Solo Exhibits and Other Events

In every moment of every day, everywhere I go, I see something extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring.


I left my day job to work at home as a commercial artist, fine artist and writer on January 1, 2000 after freelancing as a graphic designer and participating in art exhibits hosted by membership organizations. One of the primary reasons I left my day job to work at home was to have more time to develop my career as a fine artist and “get to my writing” whatever that worked out to be, so one of my first priorities, since I already had a list of regular customers, was to plan my first solo art exhibit.

Beginning in 2000, I did manage to have an exhibit of some sort each year, sometimes more than one. You’ll see those exhibits listed here and as time goes on I’ll have a page for each one and as much of the art as I can display and offer for sale as prints I’ll have listed. Some of the paintings are already listed in other galleries, but it’s good for me, at least, to see the exhibits as they were because each marks a turning point for me as an artist.

Through the years I built pages for each exhibit and poetry reading in various places as my website, which I initially built in 1996, has evolved. The links below refer to pages on this site or some of those older pages, so I apologize for the inconsistency. As time permits I will bring them all up to date.

Solo Exhibits

2000: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

2001: Everything is Beautiful

2002: Animal Artwork

2003: Animal Artwork

2004: Winter White

2005: Shop Exhibits

2006: Wild Inspirations

2006: 100 West Busway

2007: Paths I Have Walked, art and poetry

2008: Winter Twilight, art and poetry

2009: Change of Season, art and poetry

2009: My Home Town

2010: Coming Spring, art and poetry

2010: Of Harps and Fig Leaves

2010: Carnegie Photographed

2011: Burnished Light on Water, art and poetry

2011: Great Rescues Book Signing and Exhibit

2012: In This Valley, art and poetry


2014: Sun Shadow Ice & Snow, Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail | Paintings

2015: Sun Shadow Ice & Snow, Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail | Photos

2016: Sun Shadow Ice & Snow, Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail | Paintings and Photos

If there is no link above, I haven’t set up the page for that exhibit yet. Please stop back and check!