Curving Silhouette Trinket Dish

Curving Silhouette Trinket Dish

This 4” round curved dish is made from natural white polymer clay, handpainted with black design adapted from a daily sketch.

This little trinket dish is 4″ in diameter and made from natural white polymer clay. The black design is adapted from a daily sketch that is actually made from cut paper, in black of course, and Mimi was the model, “Curving Silhouette”. You can read more about the art and my daily sketches on The Creative Cat. Price includes shipping.

Each dish is formed and painted individually, and I only made eight of them, so just a few are left.

I rolled the clay fairly thin, cut it with a 4″ cookie cutter, and placed it in the bottom of an old cereal bowl and rolled a smaller bowl around the inside to thin the sides but leave the bottom a little thicker, then ran my finger around the edge to thin it out just a slight rounded edge.

The design is painted in matte black soy-based acrylic paint. I did not add a finish to protect it because I wanted the original look and feel of the clay and paint.

I’ve long wanted to experiment with polymer clay and fixated on this design when I first began thinking about my Sampler Box program, so this little dish was part of my first box.

This may be my last experiment with polymer clay, though. With all the warnings about its toxicity and my felines’ keen interest in what I was doing, I think I’ll try air-dry clay next time, until the time I can start firing things.


Read more about “Curving Silhouette” and my daily sketches on The Creative Cat.

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