Kelly's Morning Bath 1 and 2

Kelly’s Morning Bath, New Member

This New Member print is a signed linoleum block print of “Kelly’s Morning Bath” on patterned rice paper in your choice of tan or white tones, and your choice of Kelly’s Morning Bath 1 or 2. This print is 4″ x 12″ and is double matted to fit an 8″ x 16″ frame with black core mats to coordinate with the tan or white tone.

Kelly's Morning Bath samples

Kelly’s Morning Bath samples

Kelly gives herself a complete bath every morning after breakfast on the table in front of the window in my studio, her every move full of purpose and industry.

When I created this print, I created two variations, “Kelly’s Morning Bath I” with no border around each frame, and “Kelly’s Morning Bath II” which has a decorative border around each frame incorporated into the design. Below are details of each frame for each print as well as images of each print.

These prints capture sunny mornings as this window in my house faces my lilac and a number of trees which filter the sun, speckling the table with splashes of sun and shadow. They are printed on rice papers with leaves and flower petals imprinted, handmade, fair trade, eco-sensitive paper (could it be any better?) in a dozen varieties of prints with a white or a cream background, and shades of green, rose and rust for spring, summer and fall.

Purchasing prints

Kelly’s Morning Bath is always available. I print on plain white rice paper as well as handmade papers with deckled edges, rice papers of other types and patterns with leaves and petals and plant parts embedded into the paper, all sorts of things. I also print Kelly’s Morning Bath on gift bags and tote bags and placemats and curtains other household items. You can search for “Kelly’s Morning Bath” to bring up all that I have available at any given time.

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