Cat With Fruit

Mousepad, Cat With Fruit

The mousepad is 7-3/4″ x 9-1/8″ and is made from stain-resistant high density foam, nicely cushioned and just right for any type of mouse to smoothly roll over the surface. Shipping is included.

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Cat With Fruit

Cat With Fruit


The white-cold winter is outside the window, but Jelly Bean is comfortable and safe inside where even the shadows are warm and with summery tints in his fur. In this house we don’t forget that many cats are not so lucky to be on the inside, warm and safe, looking out at an icy day, and along with the simple inspiration I know that was on my mind when I painted it.

This is what is known as a “paintbomb”, kind of like a “photobomb”. Mimi did this to me last week but I did not paint her. When Jelly Bean decided to join the still life I was sketching, I decided to stop the other painting and sketch Bean. I was using oil pastels, so oil pastels it was. The paper was a little small for all the detail that’s in it, but that makes me keep it pretty simple, and all the tiny details I’d been visualizing just didn’t work. Too bad for me. Lots of color in an overcast winter day, and lots of color in a black cat, and that’s what counts.

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