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March Nature Desktop Calendar: Sing Your Song

I have been trying to get this photo for years, the wren standing up with her head thrown back and her beak open in song, especially in the morning light. They flit around so fast and I’m often photographing through my window so I can’t follow their flight. But I heard a sudden burst of […]


Jammin’ Jay Blues

When a bunch of blue jays get together, you know it. This one particular section of a tree in my backyard is a favorite place for jam sessions. Suddenly this morning, many trees are nearly bare, including this section of a mulberry, and the jays were out there this morning, noising it out like a […]


A Simple Composition, A Simple Photo

I really wanted the silhouette of the crow against the uncertain, flat post-storm sky but, still dim from rain, my camera didn’t focus fast enough and I caught this simple balanced composition instead. Maybe that’s what I was intended to get.

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