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A Pantherish Cabochon

Giuseppe is a housepanther, but he does have a rather real pantherish profile.  This small pendant is made with a print of a detail of my photo “Watching the World” . We all love my studio window, a big, old, battered metal-framed casement about 4′ x 4′ on the second floor looking out at the […]


Wildflowers and Butterflies of the Panhandle Trail Pendants, and a Discount Through August 31

The cabochon pendants I’d made for my Seasons of the Panhandle Trail exhibit sold so well the first day that I made another set the next morning! Sunflowers and sweet peas, daisies and St. John’s Wort, and butterflies, in all the colors of summer! Above is a photo of the Panhandle Trail Collection of cabochons. […]


Birds and Butterflies and Wildflowers Cabochon Pendants, and a Discount Through August

I chose a dozen designs for new cabochons inspired by nature, from my gardens to the woods and trails. All are made from my photographs of butterflies, garden flowers, wildflowers and a hummingbird too—they were popular enough that several of then sold already at my open house this weekend but that just means I’ll be […]

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