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Square Cards

I’ve always liked a square format for artwork and photos and often visualize with this shape in mind. Of course, square images lend themselves perfectly to square greeting cards. The unusual shape is exciting to give and receive.  Mail in square formats costs extra and you can avoid the extra charge by using a standard-size […]


Hand-printed Valentine Cards Inspired by Valentine Candy Hearts

I usually print these little linocuts in earth tones or “tabby colors”, but I’ve been itching to use brights and pastels and all sorts of combinations with them. I decided they made cute valentines and that’s a great reason to create hand-printed cards in magenta on pink, violet, magenta and red card stock, embellished with […]


Cookie’s Holiday Cheer, and the Photo Shoot That She Directed

You know that Cookie is usually the sweetest tortoiseshell kitty you’d ever want to meet, but she’s less than thrilled about modeling. Especially when she’s been…”decorated”. I’m here to tell you, though, that this whole thing was her idea! And I have the video to prove it. Cookie’s expression may have you thinking otherwise, but […]

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