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June Nature Desktop Calendar: Sunset Cruise

I took the reference photo for this in 2005. It’s been waiting 12 years to be painted. It was indeed a sunset cruise…down Chartiers Creek on a perfect July evening. Not only the delicate light on the nearly still water and the clear sky gradating up to deep blue, but the curve of the hills […]


A Colorful View of Winter

This painting is entitled “Colorful”, 11″ x 15″, done in soft pastel on self-prepared board with marble dust and gesso. “Colorful” is one of my favorite duck images on Chartiers Creek from my walks to Main Street. I took the photo several years ago of the mallard balancing on one leg with morning sun reflecting […]


Morning on the Creek

A placid morning canoe trip on Chartiers Creek as the sun spills over the top of the hill, and a goose and goslings head upstream. Of course, I couldn’t paint this while paddling, but I kept it in mind for later. I wear a small digital camera around my neck while canoeing and probably spend […]

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