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Frosted, Fairyland

When I saw the snow that morning, just an inch or two carefully blanketing each branch and twig in the tree outside my window I knew what my destiny would be if the snow stopped and the sun came out. It did, and I headed for the Panhandle Trail, on foot just planning about an […]


Spring Comes to a Bend in the Creek, prints of pastel

This painting is entitled “Spring Comes to  Bend in the Creek”, 26″ x 19″, done in soft pastel on sanded pastel paper. ABOUT THE ARTWORK I didn’t paint my inspirations of the seasons in any particular order, simply in the order they came to me, though I painted the sketch for this painting, “Spring Thaw”, […]


“Colorful”, original framed pastel

This painting is entitled “Colorful”, 11″ x 15″, done in soft pastel on self-prepared board with marble dust and gesso. ABOUT THE ARTWORK This work was one of my new paintings for the 2015 Wings & Wildlife Art Show at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. “Colorful” is one of my favorite duck images on Chartiers […]

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