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Commissioned Portrait Specials for Mothers, Fathers and More

In everyone’s life is at least one special person who shared a love of animals, and in that person’s life there is often an animal companion who is or was very special to them. Read about Shadow, Casey and Ralph and a special Mother’s Day gift from 2006. Mother’s Day is in two weeks, on […]


A Gallery of Canine Artwork

It’s a little slow-going since I’m contacting people I’d met years ago to paint their dogs’ portraits. Phone numbers and addresses have changed, and we have much to catch up on with new animal companions and moves. But I want to be sure I have both permission and the best version of each painting. Many […]


Small Gift Boxes With Cats, Dogs, Flowers and Butterflies

This full-lid gift box is gloss coated in black on the lid and white on the bottom, fully white on the inside. On this box I’ve covered only the top with a print of a painting or photo. Box measures 5″ wide x 7.25″ deep x 4″ high. Price is $15.00 each which includes shipping. […]

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