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Join Me This Weekend August 25-26: Sun Shadow Ice & Snow, Seasons on the Panhandle Trail

Join me for my fourth annual exhibit SUN SHADOW ICE & SNOW seasons along the panhandle trail Paintings, sketches and photographs Opening Friday August 25, 2017 5:00 P.M. through Saturday August 26 9:00 P.M. Panhandle Trail Quarry Area as part of Rock The Quarry FEATURED WORK: “Dramatic Light”, digital photo, March 10, 2017 . . […]


Handmade Gift Gallery and Product Pages

If you’ve had difficulty recently browsing or sometimes even opening the Handmade Gift Gallery page, you’re not alone. So have I, and not only with browsing it from the front, but also updating from the back end. When I set up the page I had wanted customers to be able to browse all the handmade […]


Visit My VIDA Collection

VIDA is an online print-on-demand shop for garments and accessories working with artists and designers who set up a collection of their own works and makers around the world who create the items chosen. I’ve just added my initial collection of autumn and winter apparel and accessories, and VIDA is hosting a sale, details below. […]

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