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A Gift for the Gardener, “The Perfect Place” Keepsake Box

Just one little careful study of sun on the bench and flowers, from anothers’ garden. My own garden bench should be so well landscaped. Use it to hold seed packets, or your own collection of heritage seeds, gloves and small tools, or small books and notes to have handy when planning next year’s garden so […]


A Purrfect Gift Box or a Gift In Itself, After Dinner Nap Keepsake Box

“The face that launched a thousand portraits,” my Stanley, the feline mascot of my business, appearing on my business card and brochure cover. As I set up the pages for this site I sat back and thought about possibly using another piece of artwork as my signature for the site. This keepsake has my painting […]


“The Eye Model” Keepsake Box

This photo has long been one of my favorites, taken in my studio where the lighting was good and Giuseppe was getting drowsy supervising me, hence the bedroom eyes. Use for storage for small items, photos or special keepsakes, or use as gift boxes. I choose a variety of papier mâché boxes from the craft […]

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