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View from Beechwood, Acrylic and Ink

This painting may look like a recent Carnegie scene but it goes way back, 34 years to be exact. I was just out of college and painted it long before I’d decided to devote  part of my career to art, and I marvel that I created this when I did, in 1983. This was a […]


How Many Sunsets Have Warmed This Place

How many sunsets have shone on this site in Carnegie, the angled sun shining nearly horizontally on the cliff about the creek. Currently, it’s Ross Colonial Cemetery, named so for the Ross family of settlers around the time of the Revolutionary War, but the site has been a lookout for millennia as one can stand […]


Memorial Day Parade, from the “My Home Town” Series

The good old traditional parade on the good old traditional Main Street, in my home town of Carnegie, PA. I am not a big fan of parades but my mother loved them, so every year until the year before she died I set us up on Main Street regardless of the weather and we cheered […]

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