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Decorate Your Summer Table With a Tortie Tablecloth and Placemat

Handmade of unbleached cotton muslin, this little accent tablecloth is 36″ x 36″ and has the same image, “The Roundest Eyes”, printed and hand-tinted four times, one on each corner. It is signed and dated below the design and has my handwritten “label” reading “handmade, hand-printed, hand-painted” and the year. Washing instructions are included on […]


Tortie Girls Tees for a Colorful Summer

These white cotton tees are hand-printed with a linoleum block, then hand-painted to resemble the coloring of my tortie girls, Cookie and Kelly. I sign and number each shirt, just as I would a print on paper. Fabric is lightweight 100% organic African cotton and made in Tanzania bought in a huge lot by Dharma […]


Add a Little Tortitude to Your Kitchen With Tortie Girls Trays

Today when Mimi and I stepped out to feed the birds it reminded me so much of the mornings I had spent out there with Cookie and later Kelly. I held off feeding the birds, got my stuff before the sun moved any higher, and was especially gratified when, in photographing the trays together, a […]

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