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Yes? on a Medium Jute Tote Bag

I’ve been enjoying trying out the various pre-made tote bags I can purchase to print on. I’ve always wanted to see my lady leopard, “Yes?”, on a jute burlap bag and in my searches found a series of lined and shaped bags that are more like purses than totes. The bag is 12″ x 12″ […]


Yes? Lady Leopard Wants to Know

This linoleum block print captures a leopard I saw at the zoo, turning around with quite the question on her face. I so loved the spots that showed up so clearly in my photos so I decided to just print the spots It’s printed in black on white rice paper and hand-colored with watercolor tints. […]


Bella! Handprinted and Embellished Tote Bag

O.M.Geeeee! It’s Bella! On a bag with green button eyes just like her big round eyes! This new idea couldn’t wait any longer, Bella, in silhouette, at the bottom of a bag and with just big blue-green eyes that are two-hole buttons sewn on with black thread. I had intended to work it out for […]

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