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A Walk to the Grocery Store

Some of my favorite photos ever, from last year on this day. I dropped my car off for inspection at a station just blocks from my house and took a morning walk from there to the grocery store on that dark and foggy morning. The sun rose and the fog lifted as I walked through […]


#30PaintingsIn30Days Review, #30in30

Well, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do a painting for each of the 30 days, but I did 14 new paintings, and they were 14 ideas I’d been wanting to paint for a while, so I consider that a success, for me. I had five more planned, but things get in […]


Curving Tracks, #30in30 Day Five

I am participating in Leslie Saeta’s annual “30 in 30” painting challenge this month. This is my painting for day 5. I took this photo a few years ago from an overpass and always wanted to sketch it in charcoal. The graceful curve of the tracks in any season, because I admire it all the […]

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