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December Nature Desktop Calendar: Solstice

Narrowing down which painting I wanted to feature for this holiday season was the difficult task here. I had wanted to feature one of my newer ones, like “Snowfall“—I have no shortage of winter paintings—but remembering painting the snow into these evergreens on this Winter Solstice Day in 2003 convinced me this was the painting […]


Winter Solstice 2017 Nature & Wildlife Newsletter

Peace and beauty in the quiet of the year. The shortest day of the year has arrived, the sun has set, and from here nature will fulfill her eternal promise that the sun will not continue to disappear, but will begin to stay with us longer each day; no wonder the ancients celebrated this night—how […]


Solstice, Catching a Moment Forever

This painting is indeed from the Winter Solstice in 2003. As the sun began to set on a zero-degree day with a foot or more of snow the light was so beautiful that I took off in my car with my camera and art supplies. At the top of the hill the gentle pink and […]

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