All-purpose Greeting Cards

Greeting cards, note cards, tablets, calendars and other paper products with my art and photos for correspondence and gifts.


Every time someone looks at my artwork or photography and tells me “that would make a great card”, I go ahead and make one up. For that reason I have plenty of greeting cards to choose from.

For ease of selection and assorting, most cards are 5″ x 7″ and come with the choice of a matching color envelope or a plain white envelope. You can purchase a set if they are offered as a set, or you can make a completely custom order, requesting a dozen of all one design, or five of one design and seven of another. In addition, you can shop through all the 5″ x 7″ greeting cards in every category on the site and make up your own dozen, and receive the dozen discount,

I like smaller cards too, though, and offer sets of A6 and A2 notecards as well as individual square cards and “small cards”, the sort that can’t be mailed but come in handy for gifts and little notes. To a certain extent these can also be assorted.

And aside from all these choices I hand print several cards as linoleum block prints or screen prints, and some I hand-tint.

To now all but the fully handmade cards have been commercially printed, but with the introduction of this website I am offering custom printed cards—if one of my many cards isn’t quite what you’re looking for you can choose from a gallery of other likely images and have a custom single or quantity of cards printed just for you. One of the ways I’ve chosen which cards to have printed as greeting card is to see if an image is popular, and I’ll have them printed so they are always available.

You can browse greeting card categories using the gallery, below, on this page or the menu on the left.