Handmade Custom Memorial Votive

Please let me know if this votive:

- is shipping within the United States, to Canada or elsewhere

- is for you or I will be shipping to a recipient (I don't include any receipts or cost information)

- if a gift, whether you want the "Love Never Ends" sympathy card or one of your choice from my selection (enter the name of the design in the text box below). If it's for you, I always write a note in the card. If it's a gift for you to give, I send you a blank card, or write your note inside when I ship it to the recipient.

Use the text box below for your custom message and choice of sympathy card, if necessary.

Price includes taxes, shipping and handling within the continental US. If you're local and would like to pick up your order, please use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP to deduct $5.00 from your order.