"The Swimming Hole", pastel, 11" X 15", 2014

Fine Art and Portraiture

Celebrating the art in everyday life.

In every moment of every day, everywhere I go, I see something extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring.


My gallery of fine art and portraiture contains art in all subjects that inspire me—my cats, commissioned cats and dogs, wildlife, landscapes, flowers, waterscapes, just about anything that crosses my path. Not everything is a big finished painting. I carry a sketchbook with me even around the house and often sell the quick little characterizations I can capture in the moment, usually in pencil or ink, sometimes in pastel.

Most works are available in their original, but I also offer a variety prints on paper or canvas and notecards of quite a few.

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Commissioned Artwork

Feline Artwork

Canine Artwork

Wildlife Artwork

Landscape Artwork

Waterscape Artwork

Still Lifes and Florals

2009: My Home Town

Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail, All Paintings