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Handmade and Gifts

“I like to make things.”


I have always loved to make things. I grew up in the 60s, a very crafty time, and everybody made things, kits were everywhere, paint by numbers still around, and I loved them all.

But mostly I liked to go my own way and come up with completely new things, never realizing I’d someday end up doing that as my job. I’m glad I learned then to follow an idea to its natural end.

Today, as I browse shops and online stores and see products with feline-themed art I can always picture my art on those things. I take the idea home and either work it out in my studio or design it and find a way to have it made if I can’t do it by hand: garden flags, mugs, place mats, aprons, picture frames, keepsake boxes, and so on. That’s what you’ll find here.



Most items are made or decorated by me, from my original ideas and designs, like the keepsake boxes or wood-mounted pieces which I re-purpose or purchase as blanks, and paint and decorate, crocheted items where I’ve designed the pattern then sell both the pattern and items I’ve made, and items I’m working on now in polymer and natural clay.

Made from my designs

Others are made for me from my ideas and designs, like memo pads and rubber stamps. These items are made commercially, usually by a vendor I’ve met as part of my everyday work as a freelance commercial artist. I value the skills I’ve learned over the years in seeking out vendors, testing their products, pricing out jobs and scheduling production—I do this for others, and I do the same for me when it comes to it.

I love following my muse to see where it leads me. I hope you enjoy following it too!

Handmade By Me

Jelly Bean has a sudden inspiration.


Feline-themed Gift Items made from my designs