Sunbath, framed.

January 2023 for Creative Cat Preview Subscribers

Sunbath, framed.

Sunbath, framed.

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Happy Holidays 2022

I did finish my new holiday painting before Christmas, but not with enough time to really celebrate Mariposa and Hamlet and their “Mischief” before the big day. I did print cards here at home, though, and one of these days I’ll actually mail them out! Even if I didn’t get the chance to share this image as I’d planned last December, I’m so happy I at least had the time to paint this idea born in July as I photographed gift items for holiday promotions and my two former ferals joined in the fun!

"Mischief," pastel, 9x12, 2022 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“Mischief,” pastel, 9×12, 2022 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Welcome 2023

I celebrated the new year with that new painting and lots of new plans. How about you?

One of my new plans was for lots more artwork, and another was to change how I presented it and offered discounts to make browsing easier, and to not conflict with the art exhibits and vendor shows I attend through the year.

Celebrate the New Year with new artwork
and stock up on holiday things for next year!

Mariposa approves these votives.

Mariposa approves these votives.

Rather than putting all the links in my enewsletter I decided it might be easier for all of us if I build a landing page for the links to all the art and merchandise I reference. I hope this works for you!

A selection of framed originals 25% off

Sunbath, framed.

Sunbath, framed.

Each image in this list links to the post to read more about the painting. Feel free to click back and forth, and remember that your discount code is ORIGINALART25 to give you 25% off the original painting through January 31, 2023.

Scroll down for more information between each image.

Mimi's Little Visitor, framed.

Mimi’s Little Visitor, framed.

My original art can be hard to find on this site, and sometimes that’s what people come here to look for. So once or twice a year I offer a discount on a selection of original artwork, be that seasonal or themed in some way.

Warm Winter Sun, framed.

Warm Winter Sun, framed.

This time it’s framed original artwork. I don’t always frame artwork right away because I don’t have a lot of wall space to hang it or even a lot of storage space where it can be kept from damage; keeping the artwork safe while I wait for a reason to frame it—an exhibit or a sale—is much easier and safer.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Cats, framed.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Cats, framed.

But I’ve been participating in art exhibits for the past couple of years, for the first time in almost a decade, and that’s always a good reason to frame artwork right away. Paintings are often purchased from the exhibits, and sometimes they come home and then go right back out to another exhibit so not as much worry about storage.

Mimi in the Formal Garden, framed.

Mimi in the Formal Garden, framed.

So I have much more framed artwork on hand and now, during the slower time of the year for exhibits, I think it’s a great opportunity to offer it with a discount. That’s one of the reasons I’m limiting the sale to January 31—I have exhibits already in February and March, and vendor shows and other exhibits coming up through the year.

It’s awkward to put a piece in a show and have someone purchase it from my website. Shows may last three weeks or three months and most often the work has to be for sale. If it’s at a show but someone wants to buy it from my website, I can’t guarantee it’s coming back.

All my feline block prints are included too.

And because I’ve been able to photograph nearly all the originals in their frames at these events I can add that to the galleries so you can see what the finished piece will look like, which I haven’t been able to do before.

A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20

A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20

I have a few last prints of Awakening and The Goddess and The Roundest Eyes from last year’s printing so I’ll need to print more before long. I like to clear last year’s prints before I start new ones.

A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20

A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20

I keep a few to use in other ways than framing, like decorative trays and mounting them on wood blocks. So the framed prints I have in stock are discounted.

"Tortie Girls" set of matted and framed block prints.

“Tortie Girls” set of matted and framed block prints.

I have a few extras of Kelly’s Morning Bath on some lovely handmade papers as well.

Framed with greens and tans.

Framed with greens and tans.

Purchasing and shipping artwork

As a subscriber to The Creative Cat Preview Newsletter you can take advantage of the 25% discount by using the code ORIGINALART25 through January 31, 2023. That discount is only good on the paintings on this page. That’s because they are framed and I have packaging on hand for shipping, so it’s really efficient all around. And it’s only until January 31 because my first few exhibits and vendor shows begin the first week of February.

Shipping, handling and taxes are included in the price. Shipping costs vary between $25 and $50 depending on the size of the painting. If you are local and want to pick up your purchase, please let me know and I’ll give you a discount code to subtract the shipping from the cost of the artwork, or I will refund it to you later.

Holiday-themed gift items

Holiday Votives

Holiday Votives

I’ve discounted the prices by $5.00 per item for the last of the holiday votives I have on hand as well as the Star of Wonder Garden flag

Holiday Votives

Holiday votives! You’ve seen Stained Glass Cats and Star of Wonder, but I made two others last year and never had the chance to make more than one each, and never had the time to list them on this website. So, here’s your chance! I’m going to redesign each of them for different jars so you can get the two below, entirely unique and none other like them anywhere.

Holiday Votive Lamps, Sophie and Mewsette

Holiday Votive Lamps, Sophie and Mewsette

One of each, a smaller version of Sophie getting a look at herself in the ornament, and Mewsette waiting for me on Christmas night. Both are made with non-recyclable jars, the designs are printed on frosted vinyl labels with forest green alcohol ink detailing on the jars. Both come with strings of LED lights with timers.

Stained Glass Cats Votive

Stained Glass Cats Votive Lamp

Stained Glass Cats Votive Lamp

I replaced the LED votive candle with a string of LED lights in this one and it looks so much nicer.

I have four of these left from this year.

Purchase the Stained Glass Cats votive here!

Star of Wonder Votive

Star of Wonder feline votive.

Star of Wonder feline votive.

One of the first votives I made, and still likely the most popular.

I have three of these votives left.

Purchase the Star of Wonder votive here!

Star of Wonder Garden Flag

Star of Wonder garden flag.

Buy now and you’ll have it on hand for next holiday season. I have three left from this year.

Click here to go to the Star of Wonder garden flag post.

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