New Feline Votive Lamps

New Feline Votive Lamps for Creative Cat Preview Subscribers

New Feline Votive Lamps

New Feline Votive Lamps

Like everything else I make I’ve worked on the design and production of my upcycled glass jar votives, and one of the things was changing from small LED votive candles to LED light strings, with timers, so they are brighter and more colorful, and you can use them as lamps that turn on and off automatically. I chose to do that because they really didn’t illuminate my designs very well except for very small votives. And the ones with timers—geez, I got so tired of turning lights off and on, with all the votives I have on display, and I used the timed strings around the house.

Feline votive lamps

Feline votive lamps

I’ve also used larger jars for most of these, a practical matter since the light strings themselves as well as the battery pack need more space than the smaller jars I’d used. In many cases I’ve also included the lid to keep the inside clean. The larger jars also opened up the range of images. The new set includes several new designs.

feline votive lamps

Lucy the Most Exceptional Kitten votive lamp.

They are still made with frosted vinyl labels, though only a few are etched inside to diffuse the light as I used to—the etching compounds I had used became difficult to obtain in quantity, and I needed a lot for a lot of votives. I found some options for the etching, including a spray paint that I can use inside or outside the jar, and some decorative paints. These options made the larger jars possible and thus, the lamps. And I want them to look attractive and the designs to work as well whether they are lit at night or sitting on a table during the day.

votive lamps with new finishes

votive lamps with new finishes

Of course, these are upcycled jars from foods I’ve bought or someone else has given to me. I do end up with small quantities of a certain size or style, but can’t always assure a certain type of jar. I’ve made the new designs, and some of the more popular older ones, on two different styles of jar.

Morning Studio Shift votive lamps

Morning Studio Shift votive lamps

You can see the difference, above, same height but different shape, which changes the size of the image. In the list below, if there are two different jars for one design, you’ll see them listed as 1 and 2.

votive lamp selection

Votive lamps on two different jar styles.

Purchase a votive lamp

As a subscriber to The Creative Cat Preview Newsletter you have first choice of these votives for a week after this newsletter is published, then I will sell the unsold lamps at public events and add to my Handmade Gift Gallery for the general public.

Remember that your choices, and your feedback even if you don’t purchase one, help me decide what to continue producing and what to sell!

Prices and shipping

They are $25.00 each including taxes, shipping and handling. Because of their weight used in shipping, I can’t give a discount when you purchase more than one.

If you are local and want to pick up, use the coupon LOCALPICKUP (LOCALPICKUP2, LOCALPICKUP3…) to deduct $5.00 from the cost of each votive.

Don’t forget, each one is unique, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Below is a gallery of the designs available, beginning with the “group photo.” Mouse over, click or tap on a photo for the name of the design, which I also have in a numbered alphabetical list below the gallery. I’m not giving the measurements for each one as I usually do, but likely by comparing them to Mimi in the first photo you’ll be able to tell how big they are.

New Feline Votive Lamps

New Feline Votive Lamps








Please enter the name of the design(s) you’d like in the box below and add the total quantity.

NOTE: If the title is crossed out, I am out of stock right now.

  1. 22 Cats
  2. Bella! in Pink
  3. Inscrutable Cats 1
  4. Inscrutable Cats 2
  5. Lucy the Most Exceptional Kitten 1
  6. Lucy the Most Exceptional Kitten 2
  7. Morning Shift Studio 1
  8. Morning Shift Studio 2
  9. Paint Me Like One of Your French Cats
  10. Peaches and Peonies
  11. Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things 1
  12. Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things 2
  13. Stained Glass Cats 1
  14. Stained Glass Cats 2
  15. Window Silhouette
  16. Winter Window

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