New Kitty Keepsake Boxes

Mimi inspects the new keepsakes.

Mimi is sure the lighting for this photo is horrible. So am I! As soon as we had some sun she and Mewsette and I ran out to set up the photo. Then the sun went in. But we are sure you can see the boxes well enough for now.

This new batch of keepsake boxes includes both vintage cigar box keepsakes and small round and square mache and cardboard boxes. I’ve got the popular designs as well as two new ones—Mariposa and Sienna!

Two new kitty designs, Mariposa and Sienna!

I also changed some of the materials I use to make keepsakes for this new batch and going forward. I’ve chosen a new label and use my laser printer for the image on the top of each box. I could use labels on some surface materials, like the vintage cigar boxes, but on the cardboard boxes I ended up gluing them to make sure the edges didn’t peel. And the prints of the art were lovely, but the label wasn’t intended to be handled over a period of time and wasn’t able to be cleaned, not good for a keepsake box.

Black Cat Keepsakes

And while I love the total matte finish of the paint, it wasn’t as durable as I wanted for an item to be used for years, and it wasn’t always opaque. I often put a coat or two of matte varnish on each box, and I like to keep time and materials within reason so I can keep price within reason. I started using pouring paints I’d bought because I liked the color and found they were both opaque enough to cover the the cardboard and some of the areas on the cigar boxes with just one or two coats instead of—no kidding—four or five. They also have a nice satin finish that can be wiped, and it’s far more durable than the acrylic paints.

Sienna wants to know if she gets a keepsake this year.

The cigar boxes are the old-style cardboard type, the ones we probably all grew up with around the house, holding photos and hardware and handkerchiefs. As you would expect these boxes are gently worn, in varying states of wear and tear, written on, watermarked, with holes from thumbtacks and dinged up corners and warped lids, but still usable to create something new. I leave the graphics and text on the inside, and use as much of the outside design as I can.

The mache or cardboard boxes are purchased new, and when decorated I leave them unfinished inside. On all boxes I print the artwork on acid-free label stock and adhere it to the top surface, then use craft paints and colored or patterned tapes to add trim.

Use them to store your kitty’s keepsakes or your own, or jewelry or office items and much more. Give them as a gift or use them as gift boxes.

Colorful Cat Keepsakes

Order a Keepsake Box, or Two!

They are $20.00 each when you purchase one, but you’ll find special pricing of $15.00 each when you purchase two or more on this page only, no coupon code needed. That price includes shipping, handling and taxes. As a subscriber to The Creative Cat Preview Newsletter they will be available to you at this price for two weeks, then I will add the unsold keepsake boxes to my Handmade Gift Gallery for the general public.

Don’t forget, each one is unique, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Below is a gallery of the designs available, beginning with the “group photo.” Mouse over, click or tap on a photo for the name of the design, which I also have in a numbered alphabetical list below the gallery. I’m not giving the measurements for each one as I usually do, but likely by comparing them to Mimi in the first photo you’ll be able to tell how big they are.

Mimi inspects the new keepsakes.

Please enter the name of the design(s) you’d like in the box below and add the quantity.

NOTE: If the title is crossed out, it’s sold.

  1. After Dinner Nap Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  2. Allegro Moderato Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  3. Are You Looking At Me Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  4. Bath Interrupted Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  5. Black and Light Gift Box Keepsake
  6. Black and Light Rectangular Mache Box Keepsake
  7. Black and Light Small Vintage Cigar Box
  8. Cool Morning Bath Square Mache Box Keepsake
  9. Draw Me Like One of Your French Cats Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  10. Giuseppe’s Eyes Round Mache Box Keepsake
  11. In Afternoon Sun Square Mache Box Keepsake
  12. Lucy Most Exceptional Kitten Square Mache Box Keepsake
  13. Peaches and Peonies Round Mache Box Keepsake
  14. Smiling Ginger Batik Kitty Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  15. Summer Living Vintage Cigar Box Keepsake
  16. World Cat Round Mache Box Keepsake

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