Unique Gifts

From the time I began seriously creating artwork I could picture that artwork on all the gift items I saw in stores, and now here it is.


I love useful items, especially when they have a design or pattern I like. When I create my artwork I know that many people don’t have the room on their walls nor the desire nor the budget to buy original art or even prints, but, like me, enjoy items with images we like to look at.

Today, as I browse shops and online stores and see products with art imprinted I can always picture my art on those things. I take the idea home and work it out in my studio: garden flags, mugs, place mats, aprons, mouse pads and so on. That’s what you’ll find here.

These items are made commercially, usually by a vendor I’ve met as part of my everyday work as a freelance commercial artist. I value the skills I’ve learned over the years in seeking out vendors, testing their products, pricing out jobs and scheduling production—I do this for others, and I do the same for me when it comes to it. These things are made for me from my ideas and designs, like memo pads and rubber stamps. I love following my muse to see where it leads me. I hope you enjoy following it too!