"Dreams of Three" custom framed.

Custom Orders

Custom Greeting Cards and Prints of Artwork from Portraits of Animals

Aside from a very few things that I decide I need to keep close to me, everything I create is for sale or available for reproduction. I create my art to share with others, it does no one any good for me to hoard it all here. In fact, after a while I am overwhelmed by it all and I stop producing, a very sad state of affairs. I actually need to move images on to new homes so that I can move forward as a creative person.

But I can’t possibly post for sale and reproduce every image I create as I create it, that would just be too time-consuming and expensive (I know, I tried!). My choice is usually made by what I like and what others remark about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a reproduction of any image in various forms, or even the original itself. I’ve been framing art and creating custom gifts for nearly 25 years, and I’ve been a commercial artist for over 30 years and making reproductions of images, whether in print or on a mug or on a piece of glass to display in a window.

Remember the title of the image and/or the name of the post to ensure we know exactly which one you want.

Many of my sketches and photographs are similar enough to one another that they could become confused, and sometimes I have more than one image within a post, so make sure you know the title of the one you are interested in. The easiest way to do that is to go to the browser bar and copy the URL of the post—even if it has more than one image, that narrows it down to exactly which post and art you have in mind.

How my things are made

Obviously my handmade things are made by me, and I make my own digital prints and custom printed greeting cards, but larger quantities of cards, gicleé and canvas prints, are all done by vendors I work with. Other imprinted items vary—I send my mousepads out, but I imprint my own tote bags.

I work with one printer to make my greeting cards, and another to make my gicleé and canvas prints. I’ve worked with both small businesses for years for both my own prints and for printing design projects for my commercial customers. They know me, and they know my art, and I trust these people to do the best job of reproducing my art for me to sell to you.

Each item is ordered individually and can take up to five days to complete before it is ready for me to pick up and finish or ship to you. Custom framing will take even longer depending on what we’d like to order.

The possibilities are by no means limited to these items listed below, but these are ones I can set general pricing for.

I can have a print made of any image you see on my site as a:

  • greeting card
  • digital print on matte-finish cover
  • giclee print on acid-free paper
  • canvas print
  • and, of course, photographs

I have limits on sizes below in order to make pricing easier, but I can accommodate any size or shape within reason. Sometimes the art won’t fit well into a certain shape, or won’t enlarge well because it’s just a little sketch; sometimes an image is too small to accommodate larger sizes. Most of the time I prefer to keep my paintings and sketches at about 200% of the the original size or smaller because enlarging too much can distort brushstrokes and pencil marks. Photos are another matter entirely and many can enlarge to wall size.

Wherever possible I’ve priced items individually or by the square inch or whatever so that you can calculate a print or item that fits your budget by adjusting medium or size. However, a custom quote from me is the final price once I work in all that needs to be done to create your custom work.

Ordering and payment

I have drop-down menus for just about every option below.

If there is something you don’t see on this list that you would like, or if something is unclear, just ask.

Prices below include shipping.

  • Prints are shipped flat in cardboard up to 16” x 20”, larger sizes rolled in a mailing tube via USPS First Class Parcel.
  • Canvas prints are shipped in a box via USPS First Class Parcel.
  • Framed art larger than 11 x 14 are shipped via FedEx Home Delivery.

greeting card

“A Sunny Room” greeting card, by request.

Greeting Cards

Currently, all custom printed greeting cards are printed on matte-finish 120# cover, or textured 100# cover if the original image was done on textured paper.

  • 5.5 x 8.5 Oversized
  • 5 x 7 Regular
  • 4.25 x 5.5 Note Card
  • 5 x 5 Square

Other sizes, styles and papers

Card pricing is based on how much paper is used plus how much time and effort it takes to make the cards, and that’s really about the same from the smallest 3.5″ x 3.5″ to the largest 5.5″ x 8.5″. But if you have special envelopes you bought on closeout, or the cards aren’t for mailing at all but are teeny-tiny gift inserts, table tents or hand-delivered announcements, or if your design is for a special multiple fold, let me know the size you have in mind and I’ll do the math.

Custom imprinting with your text or logo

Custom imprinting, usually on the inside of a card, usually in black, starts at an extra $5.00 per dozen cards.

Prints of art or photos

I make my own digital prints, but send out for canvas prints, giclée prints and photos larger than 12 x 16. Each print is signed and is shipped flat up to 16 x 20.

Digital Art Prints

print of pastel sketch

“Kelly in Warm Colors”, pastel, print of original.

All digital art prints are made on 100# Epson Velvet Art Paper, and I sign each one next to my original signature. The paper is acid-free and the inks are archival and fully waterproof, but of course it can warp, fade or have other horrible things happen to it if you let it get wet or put it in direct sunlight or bright lighting.

Photo Prints

Here I Am

I make my own photo prints up to 12 x 16 on Epson Silky Professional Photo Paper. Prints larger than 12 x16 are made on a luster finish photo paper. All prints are signed.

Giclee Prints

pastel painting of calico cat with peonies

“Peaches and Peonies”, pastel, 23″ x 16″, 2008 © B.E. Kazmarski

Giclée is a type of 8- or 12-color inkjet printing using fade-resistant, archival inks and archival papers and other printing surfaces such as photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton or linen canvas and textured vinyl in a variety of finishes. The giclée prints I’ve had made of my paintings on both cotton rag and hot-press rag paper have been so astonishingly like the original paintings that even side by side it’s hard to tell one from the other. For a high-quality lasting print that’s as clear and detailed and accurate in color as the original, only a giclée will do.

The small business which makes my giclée and canvas prints is actually a father and son working in their home with an amazing amount of professional equipment. They also make the original digital images of all my larger paintings which I use for everything from full-size prints down to greeting cards. Both are artists, the father a long-time commercial photographer famous for his images of Pittsburgh and panoramic landscapes, and his son also a photographer and digital illustrator. I know my art is in the best hands with them, and they look at their finished prints with an artist’s eye; I have never been unhappy with the quality of anything they have produced, where, until I found them, I was constantly disappointed at the quality of the image and the print from other companies.

These prints can be as large as six feet wide, and the roll of paper is about 50 feet long, so size is not an issue. They have a 2” or 3” white margin depending on the size of the print. All prints are signed in pencil or pastel pencil next to my original signature and also have the name of the image and my signature on the white area beneath the image.

Prints of watercolors are on archival rag paper, a little rough as watercolor paper often is; prints of pastels and sketches are on archival hot press paper, smooth with a matte finish. Both are substantially heavy stocks.

Canvas Prints

cropped version of illustration

A Day for Dreaming

I sell standard-size canvas prints, but they don’t always work for the artwork you’ve chosen. Custom sizes are more expensive because I need to purchase custom-size canvas stretchers, which can be tricky. When the print is done, I purchase the canvas stretchers and stretch the canvas myself.

These prints can be as large as six feet wide, and the roll of canvas is about 50 feet long, so size is not an issue as long as I can find stretchers to fit the canvas. Depending on the image I either extend the background around the sides of the canvas, or I simply add black so that the sides are covered. All prints are signed next to my original signature.

Framed Original Art

matted framed sketch of cat

A Dozen Shades of Gray, matted and framed © B.E. Kazmarski

I learned the art of picture framing years ago and keep all the equipment and a stock of quality acid-free mat boards on hand. In addition, I purchase custom molding from a local supplier, pre-made frames at various stores and even at yard sales, often adding my own finishing touches. I frame most of my own artwork aside from the very largest originals.

Custom framing is a special quote using the form below, but I do have the option of framing with a white mat and matte black frame in three standard sizes for any image on this site. If you are interested in custom framing, these prices can also help you determine the base price of what your framing would cost.

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