Shipping is included in the cost of each item I have listed on this site. That makes it easy for me to determine ahead of time how each product I add will be shipped, anticipate the cost and acquire the materials for it.

Also, you don’t suffer from sticker shock when you get to your shopping cart. I hate when that happens.

Currently I am using the following shipping arrangements:

  • First class mail US for small items such as individual greeting cards and small books to all destinations.
  • Media Mail for larger books.
  • Priority Mail for most packages to destinations in the US and Canada.
  • FedEx Home Delivery for large framed pieces of artwork because I like their art box.
  • First Class International for all packages outside of the US and Canada.

I prefer Priority Mail for its ease of use and quick shipping for a decent price. Also, I can leave my packages out for the postal delivery to pick up, or take them to the post office on Main Street along with other errands. Anything that saves me time gives me more time to make more art.

Managing materials for other shippers at the moment is a challenge, and UPS is neither cost-effective nor convenient. As soon as they open a projected drop-off closer than the airport I will also offer UPS Ground and other services that are somewhat less expensive for small packages.

If you’d like other shipping arrangements