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This gallery displays all of my votives currently in stock.

Wildflowers and sleepy cats on sunny windowsills, holidays and memorials, I’ve designed a collection of handmade votives featuring my artwork using both new and recycled glass containers.


The idea came to me years ago to create votives with my artwork using glass jars from sauces, condiments and pickles, some handpainted, some using other means like labels or cut vinyl.

I worked my way through materials and techniques to what I use today, and all but a few designs include a battery-operated light string that has a timer feature so you can set it to come on when you want, and it will automatically turn off six hours later.

Some designs work best on purchased glass votives or vases but they are finished in the same way as the upcycled jars.

Each one is unique and I enjoy fitting the art or image to the shape and size of the jar.

votive lamps with new finishes

votive lamps with new finishes


  • I print the design on a clear frosted vinyl label and burnish the label onto the jar.  The label is colorfast if kept out of direct sunlight and regular handling will not smear or rub off the design.
  • I finish the design by embellishing the curved areas with alcohol inks, glass paint or acrylic paint. Those finishes may chip or scratch of the votive rubs up against or bumps against another surface. In some cases I’ll frost the interior or exterior to better diffuse the light.
  • I choose a set of string lights that fits the lamp and illuminates the design in the best way. The battery pack fits inside the jar but they all have a length of cord between the battery pack and the first light so that you can put the pack outside the jar if you prefer to access the switch more easily. Don’t screw the lid all the way down or it will damage the cord, just set the lid on top and press down so it pressure fits. Never let the battery pack get wet.


  • The votive lamp can be used indoors or out in a covered outdoor setting and can take a little dampness without damage. Excessive heat or cold may cause the label to peel
  • It can be gently washed with mild dish soap, just be sure to take the light string out, and make sure the interior is completely dry before you replace it. The lights themselves are waterproof, but the battery pack is not.

 Send an email if you’d like to know more.

Feline Votives

votive lamp selection

Votive lamps on two different jar styles.

Like everything else I make I’ve worked on the design and production of my upcycled glass jar votives, and one of the things was changing from small LED votive candles to LED light strings, with timers, so they are brighter and more colorful, and you can use them as lamps that turn on and off automatically. I chose to do that because they really didn’t illuminate my designs very well except for very small votives. And the ones with timers—geez, I got so tired of turning lights off and on, with all the votives I have on display, and I used the timed strings around the house.

Feline votive lamps

Feline votive lamps

Purchase a votive lamp

They are $25.00 each including taxes, shipping and handling. Because of their weight used in shipping, I can’t give a discount when you purchase more than one.

If you are local and want to pick up, use the coupon LOCALPICKUP (LOCALPICKUP2, LOCALPICKUP3…) to deduct $5.00 from the cost of each votive.

Don’t forget, each one is unique, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Below galleries of the designs available. Mouse over, click or tap on a photo for the name of the design which you’ll find in the alphabetical list below the gallery, and again in the drop-down for ordering.

I apologize in advance for some of the abysmal photography in the galleries. I haven’t had as much time as usual to shoot and reshoot these, but if you look up the design name you can see the original art.

Tall Votive Lamps

Tall votive lamps fall between five and seven inches tall.

Small Votive Lamps

Small votive lamps vary between three and five inches tall, think salsa and relish jars.


These are made with specific jars and include cut vinyl and other finishes.


NOTE: If the title is crossed out, I am out of stock right now, and it will not be available in the shopping cart.

  • 22 Cats
  • Bella! in Pink
  • Cats After van Gogh
  • Draw Me Like One of Your French Cats
  • Fine Art Cats
  • Impressionist Cats
  • Inscrutable Cats
  • Lucy the Most Exceptional Kitten
  • Out the Front Door
  • Mimi in the Formal Garden
  • Mimi’s Little Visitor
  • Peach Begonias
  • Peaches and Peonies
  • Smiling Ginger Kitty Batik
  • Stained Glass Cats 2
  • Studio Morning Shift
  • Studio Window Autumn
  • Window Silhouette
  • Winter Afternoon Nap
  • Winter Window

All Votives

These are all the designs I currently offer, but the photos aren’t current. Please ask if you are interested in one of the designs.


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