2018: Sun Shadow Ice & Snow, Seasons on the Panhandle Trail

My fifth annual exhibit

seasons along the panhandle trail

Paintings, sketches and photographs

Opening Friday August 24, 2017 5:00 P.M.
through Saturday August 25 11:00 P.M.
Panhandle Trail Quarry Area as part of Rock The Quarry
FEATURED WORK: “Summer Sunset, Robinson Run”, pastel, 12 x 18
Summer Sunset, Robinson Run, 12 x 18, pastel © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Summer Sunset, Robinson Run, 12 x 18, pastel © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

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I’ve been visiting the Panhandle Trail since 2002 with my bike and on foot, for exercise and inspiration, more inspiration than exercise, packing in with backpacks of camera equipment and art supplies. I’ve taken thousands of photos along the trail and off in the woods, but I’ve also done a number of sketches while there in pencil, charcoal, pastel and watercolor, and arriving home in my studio to do more from photos. I’ve collected a number of these for an exhibit, but not in a gallery—right on the trail, where I’ve spent so much time and found these inspirations. It’s the place where I found the scene of one of my favorite paintings, “Dusk in the Woods”.

From the very first show it’s been one of my best and one of my favorites. Most of all I love to get the chance to talk to others who love their trail and share with them both the familiar places and the extraordinary moments.

I alternate a focus on paintings and photos with each year of the show, beginning with paintings in 2014. This year the focus was on painting. I also included favorite photos of landscapes and wildflowers and butterflies, and of my favorite genre: abstractions in nature along with some of my original art from prior shows.

For my fifth anniversary exhibit it was time once again to feature paintings. Unlike other years I had only painted one new work from the trail since the exhibit in 2016, but I love it to pieces. One hot August afternoon in 2010 I settled into Robinson Run near the rope swing to cool off before I went the last few hundred yards to my car. The sun was coming lower through the trees and I looked at this amazing scene before me and knew I’d want to paint it.

It would be eight years later, but I knew every time I looked at it I didn’t want to use my usual blending pastel technique. I wanted no blending at all, just every highlight and lowlight of every leaf in the woods before me and every little ripple on the water, just as clear and defined as I saw them in life. So I waited until I was ready for that, and during the February 2018 daily painting challenge  I knew it was time. I picked up every color that belonged in the painting, including not only shades of green and blue, but also burgundy, red, violet, purple, pink, and even more warm flowery colors that fill the wooded shadows and watery ripples with life.

So if I had only one new painting to offer this year, it was a good one, “Summer Sunset, Robinson Run”.

Summer Sunset, Robinson Run, 12 x 18, pastel © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Summer Sunset, Robinson Run, 12 x 18, pastel © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

In addition I made even more new handmade gift items featuring my art and photography of the trail: keepsake boxes, decorative trays, cabochon pendants, gift bags and coasters.

Gift items

My display in 2018…

My tent

Below are the new gift items I added to my display this year. Click on each image to see the listing and purchase if you’d like.

Trees of the Trail Coasters

Trees of the Trail coasters

Trays Inspired by Trail Scenes and Wildflowers

Wooden trays for my exhibit.

Found Along the Panhandle Trail Keepsake Cubes

Set of Seven Keepsakes Inspired by Nature

Wildflowers and Butterflies of the Trail Cabochon Pendants

Cabochon Pendants made with photos of wildflowers and butterflies from the trail.

Cabochon Pendants made with photos of wildflowers and butterflies from the trail.

Here is a gallery of images of my display.



A portion of sales of art and merchandise during Rock the Quarry will benefit the Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail.

Featured Photography

The following five photos were features in this year’s exhibit, all taken on the morning of March 10, 2017. To visit the page to purchase a photo, click the image.

Dramatic Light

Dramatic Light

Dramatic Light

When I reached the trail that day the sun was just beginning to break through small holes in the the clouds that cast beams of sunlight like spotlights. I knew I wanted a photo of an icy, snowy tree completely alight against the deep gray clouds of the storm as they left the area. The photo above was from the very beginning, as soon as I arrived at the trail and I saw the sun moving over the trees, changing every moment. I just began photographing, zooming in and out, capturing different lighting. Everyone who saw the photo recognized the bridge as the very first one on the trail and knew exactly where I’d taken the photo.

Though “Dramatic Light” was my first love from that magical morning, there was another photo I wanted to capture just as much. As I drove to the trail I looked at all the tree-covered hills that looked as if they were frosted with powdered sugar. I did photograph a few of the hills, but I knew that the steep hills surrounding the valley where the trail and Robinson Run were would be even more dramatic, and when I arrived, as soon as I’d photographed “Dramatic Light”, I turned to the hill on the left and it did not disappoint. The sun moved like a spotlight over the hill and I did capture several where one treetop of many was highlighted. But it was when a quick flash of hazy sun through thinning clouds touched the hillside that I saw what I’d envisioned: treetops frosted with white to fill the frame. As I organized my exhibit “Frosted” quickly captured me and I decided to use that photo as my feature at the front of my tent.


"Frosted", matted and framed. Framed size is 20 x 30.

“Frosted”, matted and framed. Framed size is 20 x 30.

And here is the photo.



Both “Dramatic Light” and “Frosted” are matted with black core mats and framed with a 2.25″ matte black wood frame.

The Ice Palace

This photo, with the trees leaning in and the brightness above, made it feel as if I was in a secret, protected place, albeit cold, like the Winter Palace in the movie Dr. Zhivago.

The IcePalace

The Ice Palace

A Faraway Place

While walking the trail that morning so many familiar views were disguised by the ice and snow and mystical light, like this view of the trail that looks as if it could be in mountains somewhere far away.

A Faraway Place

A Faraway Place

Cloud Trees

When the clouds parted the sky was so incredibly blue and the clouds themselves sculptural, as in this photo where they seemed to mimic the shape of the sycamores when they were in full leaf.

Cloud Trees

Cloud Trees

These photos were ones that worked well as freestanding photos, but I captured dozens of photos that morning, and found 39 of them most interesting. You can see them all in a gallery of photos from that day on my photo blog, Today.

Photos included in the exhibit

Clicking on any image in the gallery will bring up a full-size image, and you can also see the images in a slideshow. I know that some are missing from here because I decided at the last minute to include them.

Only a few of the images below are available on this site. Now that I know which ones are more popular at exhibits I will add them.

Original paintings

Paths I Have Walked
22” x 28”, pastel, $650

"Paths I Have Walked", pastel, 16" x 28" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“Paths I Have Walked”, pastel, 16″ x 28″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Running Through the Woods
16” x22”, pastel, $500

"Running Through the Woods", pastel, 20" x 14" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“Running Through the Woods”, pastel, 20″ x 14″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

7. Bright Autumn
14” x 20”, pastel, $300

"Bright Autumn", pastel, 14" x 20" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“Bright Autumn”, pastel, 14″ x 20″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Other paintings and prints of paintings included in the exhibit

I’ll be previewing new works over the next few weeks. Clicking on any image in the gallery will bring up a full-size image, and you can also see the images in a slideshow (photos are below).

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What’s the quarry? The Panhandle rail line, which was removed to built the trail in the old rail bed, runs right through a century-old limestone quarry, a portion of which is still actively quarried. The quarry ponds are there and that and the woods around make a natural gathering place.

I use this trail all the time, and part of my giveback is to maintain their website and the little bit of social networking that we do, along with photographing things. I use to volunteer during the event, usually in the kitchen dishing out easy food, but this is much more fun.

For more information on the trail please visit www.panhandletrail.org.

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