“My Cats in the Sun” Note Cards

Bright sunshine on anything will inspire me, especially when it’s illuminating one of my cats…and so I’d like to share that inspiration with other feline fans. These four designs are printed from my original artwork, each of them cats who’ve shared my life past and present.

Cards include a border as shown, and are printed in full color on matte-finish ivory stock; the cards I have in stock now were printed traditionally, with ink on paper, almost 20 years ago. They were my first full-color product printed with my art modeled after all the notecards I’d seen and received growing up. I am almost out of some of the designs and planning a reprint.

They are blank inside, 4-1/2” x 6-1/4” and come with cream opaque square-flap envelopes, packed in a clear-top white cardboard greeting card box. They are available in packs of 12 with three cards in each of the four images. Packs or boxes of individual images or different combinations are available on request.

About the Artwork

After Dinner Nap

Stanley didn’t have many relaxed moments during the day, but one of them was always a spot of sun right after dinner and a nice bath. Rather than disturb him by trying to share in his contentment and fussing over him, I chose to render the warmth of the sun on his side and the depth of the early evening shadows all around.

A Warm Bath

My white cat was endlessly inspiring to me, and I would need two lifetimes to recreate all the images of her that I have photographed and saw every day. With all that lustrous long white fur, Sally’s baths are quite a production, but each bath is like a graceful dance, especially when taken in the morning sun.

A Rosy Glow

She found a warm spot to sleep in the sun on that old pink sweater of mine, and the look of contentment on her face was my first inspiration, especially since Miss Moses (we all thought she was a boy) had been a feral kitten and all her life hesitated to walk across the center of any room, finding security in keeping close to the furniture. But there she is in the middle of the room looking rather smug—I can almost hear her purr.

The Little Sunflower

Real sunworshippers, all of my cats wait for the sun to enter the house in the morning and take their appointed spots. The brilliance of that first light and its reflections around the room, plus the contrast of all the exaggerated straight-line shapes with the organic shape of little Cookie and her shadow inspired this one.


Please ask about wholesale prices if you are interested in reselling my cards in your shop or you are an animal professional or other business and would like to make a bulk purchase for business correspondence.

Use the links below to order the original set, a custom set, or individual cards.