The contents of the May Sampler Box.

Feline-themed Sampler Box Program

A Little Sampler of Old and New.

Three items per box, for you, for gifts, for donations to support shelters or rescues.


It seems like gift box programs are popping up everywhere. The idea really appealed to me because unique handmade things sell best when I can get them literally into people’s hands. I’d considered setting up a gift box program with just my artwork, like the “monthly print” or greeting card samples, but the thought of putting together boxes each month in addition to all I’m already doing just made it seem impossible.

"Sally Silhouette", 3" x 3" photo matted and framed to 8" x 8".

“Sally Silhouette”, 3″ x 3″ photo matted and framed to 8″ x 8″.

However, a few other people suggested I do this, including a local friend and small business marketer who’s been helping me with organizing and promoting my business, and I decided it was something I needed to try. So I looked at what I have to offer and came up with a few gift boxes containing my works as a sampler whether you are a new customer or you’ve been following me for years. (I also have a Sampler Box just for Animal Professionals, visit the Animal Professionals page.

This site contains all the artwork I sell, and I roughly divide these audiences into four parts: my feline followers from The Creative Cat and from years before I began blogging, those who have been following my career as a landscape artist, those who are my wholesale customers and resell my art and merchandise, and most recently animal professionals who use my animal-themed greeting cards, art and merchandise in their everyday business.

About the Sampler Box Program

I’m offering a sampler box with a single box or a three month box subscription which will include the following items:

  • a 5″ x 7″ or 8” x 10” print matted and ready to frame OR a small framed print, either an existing piece of artwork or a new one
  • an alternate print of any size, unmatted, different from the main print in media, style, subject, etc.
  • several greeting cards: a sympathy card, feline art card, feline photo card, non-feline greeting card and two or more note cards, current designs and new designs
  • a handmade or other gift item—a small keepsake box or a little art sampler book, a polymer clay or ceramic item, screen-printed dishtowel, tote bag, crocheted item or rubber stamp, new art paper, for instance—which is exclusive to box recipients and not shared with the public for a week or so after boxes are sent
  • the “boxes” are not boxes at all because they vary so much in content so they are carefully wrapped with wrapping paper made from my designs that you can reuse

These can be things your use for yourself or give as gifts or donation items to shelter or rescue or other fundraisers. Sometimes they’ll be little experiments and I’ll be asking for feedback. I’ll be happy that you get to see art you may have never noticed, and little handmade goods that work so much better in your hands than a photo on your computer.

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Reviews are so exciting! Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat reviewed my May Feline Sampler Box. Please go and read!

What a wonderful review of my May Sampler Box from Melissa Lapierre of Melissa’s Mocha’s, Mysteries and Meows! Of course, my house panthers are all lying around here like, “of course!”


Hey. Bernadette E. Kazmarski. You rock. I got my package today. So so love it. The sampler box was amazing. The sketch and water color were the very 2 I would pick for myself. I love them. The cards and ceramic piece are fantastic. If anybody was skeptical, don’t be. I received quality photos and sketches that I can admire on my walls for a long time. Thank You Bernadette, a very satisfied customer. I will be a repeat customer.

 Just wanted to let you know that I *love* everything in my sampler.
It was such fun to open and discover each item. I am really glad I signed up for these.
Thank you!!

My box was fantastic! I would have been pleased with less……a great value.

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My June 2016 Feline Sampler Box is approved my Mimi!

My June 2016 Feline Sampler Box is approved my Mimi!

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Mimi approves of the May Sampler Box.

Mimi approves of the May Sampler Box.

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Look at all these things I helped to design.

Look at all these things I helped to design.

Sign up for your Sampler Boxes

Some items in the sampler box.

Some items in the sampler box.

Order a Sampler Box or Subscription

Sampler boxes can be purchased singly or in subscriptions for three boxes. Shipping within the US is included.

$35.00 for one box

  • one matted print, regular value $25.00
  • three cards, regular value $7.50
  • one gift item, average value $15.00
  • regular total value about $47.50

$100.00 for a three box subscription

  • three matted prints, regular value $75.00
  • nine cards, regular value $22.50
  • three gift items, average value $45.00
  • regular total value about $142.50

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Order a Previously Distributed Sampler Box

You can purchase any prior Feline Sampler Box. When I send them originally I only put together as many as were ordered, but unless I am completely out of a special handmade item I usually have all the contents here in my studio, though I do have to cut new mats for the artwork and print the wrapping paper.

Choose the sampler box by month.

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