Entries for exhibit.

“A Pittsburgh Perspective” Exhibit Submissions

Entries for exhibit.

Entries for exhibit.

The first exhibit of the year, I dropped off submissions to the North Hills Art Center “A Pittsburgh Perspective” exhibit to benefit the nonprofit West View Hub which offers a variety of resources to the community.

Usually, I enter paintings to these exhibits, but the artwork needs to be recent, and I don’t have any recent paintings of or inspired by Pittsburgh, nor did I have any ready ideas. The center also accepts photos as 2D art, so I decided to enter some of my photography instead.

While I have some lovely, interesting and amusing photos from walks and drives around the area, I decided to choose three that were a little more challenging, and abstract.

While I think you should enjoy images without my commentary and take away from them what you choose, I thought I’d add a little bit about each subject. Click each photo to visit the product post.


photo of hands and bubbles


Along with everyone else I was enchanted by the huge bubbles people were making at the Three Rivers Arts Festival! Two long sticks with a 36″ loop of rope between were dipped into five-gallon buckets of bubble solution then held up to the breeze coming off the river. Sometimes one long bubble would form like a long tube, but if the wind moved about or the maker moved the sticks it would twist and fold on itself or break into individual bubbles.

The most wonderful thing was that everyone around the bubbles was smiling!

I snapped many photos of the action in that golden summer evening sunlight, and I think this one captures the feeling of joy and uplift, which is why I titled it “Up.” It’s also a little on the abstract side, non-objective, and I like to work for that in photos along with documenting an event.

Distorted Reminiscence

distorted window reflection

Distorted Reminiscence

Interesting window reflections in the very old wavy glass of a fairly large picture window in a modest Victorian house. The reflection caught my eye as I walked past, so I stepped back and looked it over. The light was perfect, the porch and window in shadow with just a vague bit of lace curtain inside, the building across the street in full sun for a clear and colorful reflection.

This one in particular looked like an Impressionist painting, and then like a collage when I enlarged it, I liked it immediately for its less literal, almost abstract qualities. As I walked, and later, I pondered the content, the bit of Victorian gingerbread at the top from the porch of the house where the lace-edged picture window looked out across the street at the mid-century apartment building with its yellow brick, large but plain windows, and balconies for each apartment. The wavy surface of the old plate glass skewed, twisted, rippled the image into a real collage of homes, eras and changing ideas of modernity and style.

I took several shots to capture as much of what was interesting as I could without getting me in the photo. Having only my cell phone with me I was sure I’d never catch what I saw, but when I reviewed the photos on my phone I was more than happy. It’s actually in Carnegie, but you’ll find this in many neighborhoods around Pittsburgh.

Gilded Journey

kayaking at the point

Gilded Journey

On waters flecked with gold a kayaker rounds the Point in Pittsburgh where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together to form the Ohio.

I took this photo during the Three Rivers Arts Festival. I walked along the wharf keeping the kayaker in the line of the sun’s reflection, taking photos all the way, hoping I wouldn’t accidentally run into someone in the crowds at the festival and also hoping I wouldn’t just walk off the edge of the wharf.

I was rewarded with the photo above, also capturing the clear and focused sparkles in the front and softened sparkles behind the subject, and absolutely nothing else but him in the water.

See the whole exhibit

You can see the whole exhibit in a video on the organization’s website and also make your choice for People’s Choice here. If you’re local, the show will be available for viewing all of February during gallery hours.

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