Angel Daisies

Angel Daisies in June

Angel Daisies

Angel Daisies

Years ago I gave my sister some seeds from my Shasta daisies and she grew them into a huge daisy garden. “Angel Daisies” features a whitewashed angel she had placed in the garden of daisies and she looks right at home.

I don’t know what she did to get her daisies to grow so fervently, but I’ve never seen a display like this. Daisies have always been my sister’s favorite flower so I gave her the seeds from my daisies. Daisies are biennials and sprout and grow one year, then flower the next. The originals were big floppy Shasta daisies that fell over from the weight of their flowers, but over the years they’ve apparently either reverted back to their closer relatives in our native oxeye daisy, shorter with stronger stems and slightly smaller flowers, a much better flower than the original.

I created an older slideshow of all the photos I took of her daisies, over a dozen that were best, and I could have taken many more. Please enjoy the slideshow here.

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"Angel Daisies", framed.

“Angel Daisies”, framed.

“Angel Daisies” prints are made in archival inks on Epson Silky Photo Paper, Cold Press Digital Giclee Paper or Artist Canvas and available framed; sample above, other frame styles are available.

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Believe Angel


“Believe” is a part of my collection, “Inspired by Flowers”. These cards are designed from my own photos of my garden and yard and my walks along trails and natural areas. Each photograph inspired a sentiment and thus became this line of simple greetings, so unlike most other cards I design which only feature the image, these actually have a message on the outside of the card. They are blank inside but can be customized with your message.

They are 5″ x 7″ , printed on 12 or 14 pt. card stock and include a matching envelope.

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I adhere a high-quality print of my photo “Angel Daisies” to a medium-size paper gift bag. Bag measures approximately 8″ x 10″ x 3″ deep but may vary slightly. Price includes shipping.

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Angel Daisies Gift Bag

From the first time I received a gift bag with feline artwork on it, I could picture my art on a gift bag. I’ve tried a few different methods and finally found one that works well: printing my art to size on a commercial-grade label and buffing it permanently onto the bag. The art can only be on the front because of the way the bag folds, but so many bag colors and styles exist and that keeps them lively.

These bags are medium-sized shopping bags, usually around 8″ x 10″ x 3″, but they vary slightly in size, color and finish, even in the same lot, and sometimes they even have colored handles. If you purchase more than one in the same design and color I will make sure they match.

You’ll also find more photos “Gardens and Wildflowers” photo gallery.



Shipping within the US is included in all the prices listed. All shipping is via Priority Mail. Prints are shipped flat in a rigid envelope. Canvases are shipped in a box to fit with padding. Since this original is small it is also shipped in a box with extra padding.


Note that all prints will have some area of the original photo cropped to fit the dimensions.


Please ask about custom framing. Framed prints are signed on the photo and on the mat.


Prints are made on acid-free gloss photo paper using archival digital inks. I usually leave an inch or two of white around the print for easier frame fitting. All prints are countersigned by me.

Larger sizes are available than what I have listed, so please ask if you want a special size.


I usually have at least one of the smaller sizes of canvases on hand, but order larger ones as they are ordered here because customers often want a custom size. Smaller canvases are a 3/4″ in depth, Canvases 12 x 16 and larger are 1-1/2″ in depth. I set them up so the image runs from edge to edge, then the sides are black or white or sometimes I slip in a color that coordinates with the painting.

This canvas print is beautifully printed in archival inks on artist canvas and gallery wrapped around 1″ stretchers. Sides are finished in white.

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