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Dramatic Light

Dramatic Light

It’s just a year since that incredible morning, March 10, when I raced to capture the sun breaking through heavy clouds after a snow and ice storm the night before.

When I saw the snow that morning, just an inch or two carefully blanketing each branch and twig in the tree outside my window I knew what my destiny would be if the snow stopped and the sun came out. It did, and I headed for the Panhandle Trail, on foot just planning about an hour of photos in the first half mile of the trail. Mission accomplished.

As I drove there, looking at the sun and shadow play across the frosted hills and glow down into valleys I had an idea for two photos I wanted to capture. This was one of them, not necessarily the place, but the light illuminating the trees in front of the dramatically dark background and sky, the trail wandering off around a curve into an adventure.

I usually try not to plan ahead for photos because it’s possible to miss others while focusing on a goal that may not even be possible. I was lucky this particular morning and not only captured the ones I wanted, but many, many more I would never have imagined.

One by one images have become popular, and I’ve set up a gallery just for the full set of images. Visit Dramatic Light and look at all 39 photos.

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