Feline Decorative Dishes and Coasters in Spring Colors

New decorative dishes and coasters.

New decorative dishes and coasters.

Some variations on a theme, 6″ plates and 4″ coasters with the image stamped into the surface then painted and glazed in various ways, using “Bath” and “Three Cats Looking”.

Because they are handmade and shaping, stamping, glazing and drying changes their dimensions, they are not exactly uniform in size, shape or thickness, but that makes each one unique.

So what do you use them for?

The coasters are obvious, but the dishes not so much. They can’t be used for food or water, unless you used it as a candy dish or had a few chips on there, but no dip. But you could use it as a soap dish, or to hold jewelry or keys or any number of other things. They could also sit on a tabletop, or hang on a wall, and look pretty.


  • These work great as a coaster for items filled with hot food or liquids, like mugs of coffee or tea or dishes filled with cooked food. There is not enough heat transferred to affect the polymer.
  • These are not safe for use with food for pets or humans.
  • These cannot be used as a hot pad for items taken out of the oven or microwave or off the stove, any item which has been heated by cooking—the polymer will soften from the heat. A hot pad for mugs of hot coffee or tea or bowls of soup are just fine.

Three Cats Looking Coasters in Peach, Violet, Orange and Turquoise

Starting with the idea of the original “Three Cats Looking” trinket dishes and coasters (see below) I’d wanted to impress the stamp again but this time without ink, using some decorative panting on the surface. When I made the “Trees of the Trail” coasters I really liked how the white washes turned out, both catching in the grooves impressed from each leaf and also lightly coating the surface, giving them a patina that added to the dimension.

Visit the gallery of Tiles and Coasters to see what’s available.

Three Cats Looking Trinket Dishes and Coasters

Front and side views.

Front and side views.

The dishes are 4″ white polymer clay but this time I’ve stamped “Three Cats Looking” in Royal Violet ink. I love this little brush pen sketch and I’ve always wanted to do something with it, so I had a stamp made and here is the first something. I wanted them to look as if they are looking over the edge of the dish so they are way at the top. I really, really want to do something with the tail to let it hang off an edge or something, but I’m just not sure the polymer clay will stand up to a beating with a tail that thin.

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Bath Decorative Dish, Peach and Violet

I started out with a coat or two of rich red orange and a deep bright purple, then washed a few coats of the white over it, getting it to catch in the grooves left by the stamp. Then I worked more white onto the purple just to give it a unique finish.

Because they are handmade and shaping, stamping and drying changes their dimensions, they are not uniform in size, shape or thickness, but that makes each one unique.

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Bath Decorative Dish, Peach and Bath Decorative Dish, Violet

These two monochromatic dishes also have the stamp in the center, but the paint and glaze is applied differently—really, each dish is an experiment.

The peach dish has an even covering of red orange, then several layers of white, enough to catch in the grooves of the design and to wash down the color to a peach tone.

The purple dish has a few layers of purple on the design, then gradated heavier purple from the outside edge to lighter in the center with just enough white to catch the design and soften the purple.


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