Text weight art papers.

Feline-themed Art Papers, Get Crafting!

These papers are designed from my portraits and sketches and printed digitally including four designs, colorful, black and white, realistic and stylized to be used for scrapbooking or any crafting where you need to add some kitties.

Cover weight art papers.

Cover weight art papers.

Designs are printed digitally on one side of 100# Lynx Bright White cover, trimmed to 11″ x 11″, as large as I could got without a margin. Use these papers for scrapbooking, decorating keepsake boxes or any creative project you can think of that needs a bunch of cats on it! I’ve included a photo of keepsake box I made as an example–this box is not for sale. I ship them flat between sheets of cardboard.

These are priced in sets of four for $10.00, shipping included. I’ve listed the most likely sets, but if you’d like a different combination, please email.

[ss_product id=’32426198-de99-11e5-8ce5-0cc47a075d76′ ]Art Paper, Cover Stock, 11 x 11, Set of 4[/ss_product]

About the artwork

I’ve included some samples of things I’ve made with this paper myself!


Wooden picture frames using 22 cats art paper.

Wooden picture frames using 22 cats art paper.

This pattern is a collage of all 16 portraits—22 cats in all—included in my Great Rescues Day Book. I’ve painted portraits of pets since 1992 and I’d always wanted to publish them somehow, and since most are rescues I always wanted to share their stories as well, and this came together in Great Rescues. The pattern repeats six times on the paper so you are sure to be able to fit all the cats on one project or just cut out the cats you want.


Any cat who get in my way gets sketched. Giuseppe decided to nap in the basket I’d had merchandise orders in, and he would not get out of it, even though he did not exactly fit in it. He really scrunched himself too, but he made for a nice solid subject. This is drawn in brush pen which actually has shaped bristles at the tip and the ink flows from a cartridge so it’s almost like a brush dipped in ink. The brush is very graceful and I can make all sorts of lovely lines, wide and flat or narrow and wandering. I designed this pattern when I decided to play around with the sketch as a repeating pattern and colored Giuseppe a different color each time.


Keepsake box using Inscrutable Patterns paper.

Keepsake box using Inscrutable Patterns paper.

“Inscrutable Patterns” began as an ink sketch of one of my cats, which I then took into my graphics program to colorize the art and lay out the pattern. They all look at me like this, but this is more patterned after Jelly Bean, who sat by the window atop a box so that his face and front body was entirely in a deep shadow. Resting, his eyes are slits, and sometimes he simply closes them and takes a nap, but sitting up. I looked at him and thought, “Inscrutable”, as his expression seemed to be, and actually was since I really had no idea what he might be thinking.

Read more about the art and other daily sketches on The Creative Cat.

This pattern is a collage of all the kitties I’ve drawn in this same style with the above-mentioned brush pen, singles, multiples, smooth lines, sketchy lines, just a bunch of busy kitties in black on white.

And just a hint about “Brush Kitties” so you can have some fun—add some color of your own! Get your markers or colored pencils and color in those kitties!

Just a little coloring on a piece of the art paper.

Just a little coloring on a piece of the art paper.

This was so fun, I created a little coloring book out of a dozen of these sketches.

Creative Cat Coloring Book

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