feline votive lamps

Light Your Evenings With Feline Votive Lamps

feline votive lamps

Feline Votive Lamps

The lifelong inspiration of my feline families has led me down more creative paths than I ever dreamed. Last year I refined my feline votive lamps materials and process, and this year I’ve introduced even more designs to this line of unique and useful items made from upcycled jars  with battery-operated light strings that have the convenience of a built-in timer.

Tall Feline Votive Lamps

Tall votive lamps fall between five and seven inches tall.

Small Feline Votive Lamps

Small votive lamps vary between three and five inches tall, think salsa and relish jars.

Unique Feline Votive Lamps

These are made with specific jars and include cut vinyl and other finishes.

Don’t forget, each one is unique, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.!

They are $25.00 each including taxes, shipping and handling. Because of their weight used in shipping, I can’t give a discount when you purchase more than one.

If you are local and want to pick up, use the coupon LOCALPICKUP (LOCALPICKUP2, LOCALPICKUP3…) to deduct $5.00 from the cost of each votive.

Read more and purchase a Feline Votive Lamp

Visit the Votives page in my Handmade Gift Gallery for detailed information and to purchase one or more.


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