"Mewsette on the Afghan", markers , 6" x 7" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski (cropped)

Mewsette is on the Afghan, and a Whole Lot of Other Things!

"Mewsette on the Afghan", markers , 6" x 7" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski (cropped)

“Mewsette on the Afghan”, markers , 6″ x 7″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski (cropped)

Mewsette nearly blends in with the afghan. Even though I sketched her there in February, the bright colors and warm feelings always seem to belong with the winter holidays.

I’ll admit, this took a little longer than the usual 15 minutes maximum. I’d been holding off the sketches with this afghan just because I knew they’d be time-consuming for part of the charm is the detail of all the colors. On this cold February afternoon I could not pass up pretty Mewsette quietly napping on the afghan, especially when she opened her big yellow eyes. I drew the basic sketch in black, then later filled in the colors with every marker I have in the house.

The reference photo for "Mewsette on the Afghan".

The reference photo for “Mewsette on the Afghan”.

I love that old afghan. My mother crocheted it years ago from a 1944 pattern book out of scraps of wool yarn. Each granny square is made of four rows, each a different color, with one last row of black; when the squares are sewn together there are two rows of black between each color set which gives it this stained-glass effect. This afghan is more muted than this sketch shows; after decades of wear the colors are still bright but areas of it faded when it was caught in flood waters in a storage unit, but I cleaned it up and remember the bright colors that captured my eye as a child.

A sample section of the afghan.

A sample section of the afghan.

My sketches rarely have neat edges. In this case I colored in until I felt I had enough area, and because the afghan was quite rumpled around Mewsette I kind of feel the rough edges helped to illustrate that. Here is the original sketch.

"Mewsette on the Afghan", markers , 6" x 7" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski (with rough edges)

“Mewsette on the Afghan”, markers , 6″ x 7″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski (with rough edges)

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Original art or prints

Mewsette on the Afghan original marker sketch is available matted and framed. Prints are made in archival inks on Epson Velvet Art Paper, Cold Press Digital Giclee Paper or Artist Canvas.

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Gift Bag

I adhere a high-quality print of Mewsette on the Afghan to a medium-size colored paper gift bag. Bag measures approximately 8″ x 10″ x 3″ deep but may vary slightly. Price includes shipping.

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Gift Box

This full-lid gift box is gloss coated in black on the lid and white on the bottom, fully white on the inside. On this box I’ve covered only the top with a print of “Mewsette on the Afghan”. Box measures 5″ wide x 7.25″ deep x 4″ high. Price includes shipping.

Use for storage for small items, photos or special keepsakes, or use as gift boxes.

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The mousepad is 7-3/4″ x 9-1/8″ and is made from stain-resistant high density foam, nicely cushioned and just right for any type of mouse to smoothly roll over the surface. Shipping is included.

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Mewsette on the Afghan

Mewsette on the Afghan

Laminated Placemat

“Mewsette on the Afghan” Laminated Placemat comes in two sizes, laminated with 5 mil laminate, available singly and in sets of two and four. Price includes shipping.

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Placemats are available in 11 x 17 and 8 x 10. Placemats are printed on one side of 110# matte cover stock and then laminated with 5 mil laminate. They can be used for water and food bowls as well as placemats for your table, or any surface that needs a little protection.

Greeting Card

Feline Fine Art Card is 5″ x 7″ , printed on 12 pt. card stock and includes a matching envelope in choice of red or white. I find people use these cards for all sorts of greetings, from invitations to parties to friendly hellos and thinking of yous to sympathy at the loss of a pet or even a person. Others have taken their favorites and slipped them into 5″ x 7″ frames for their wall.

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Mewsette on the Afghan 5 x 7 greeting card.

Mewsette on the Afghan 5 x 7 greeting card.

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