handmade keepsake box, votive and tile

Need Some Flowers

handmade keepsake box, votive and tile

Handmade keepsake box, votive and tile

I love winter, but I’m planning my garden and after a string of dark, rainy days I need some flowers. Warm mornings and birds singing, when the columbines grow tall and bloom, that’s one of my favorite things about my spring garden.

Columbines, Watercolor, 5 x 7, 1994 © Bernadete E. Kazmarski

My Mother’s Columbines, Watercolor, 5 x 7, 1994 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

A painting borne of January inspiration in my seed and flower catalogs, this little bunch of columbines was so joyful that it stayed with me. One of my favorite flowers, it is also a favorite of my mother. If your mother was anything like mine, giving her something flowery was a perfect Mother’s Day gift. In fact, this art is my watercolor painting given to my mother for Mother’s Day years ago for her love of columbines. She has since passed away and I’ve sold her home, and kept the artwork I’d done. I sold the original to a good friend to give to her mother, but this image will always remind me of her.

The pink columbines in the photo below were ones I transplanted from my mother’s garden to mine, in my garden in the spring.


Purchase the set of all three

A keepsake, votive and tile as a set, and a special discount when you purchase all three.

I made a keepsake reminiscent of flowery hatboxes and storage cases to stash photos and memorabilia, or garden seeds and gloves and even small tools or books, a tile to set down a mug of tea or coffee while working in the garden, and a votive to light when the sun goes down to remember the flowers at night, and make the set complete.

All three items add up to $40.00, but you can purchase all three for $30.00. If you are local and would like to pick up your order you can also use my LOCALPICKUP coupon to eliminate the shipping cost and get the entire set for $25.00. That offer is only available in this post, and you would use the “add to cart” information below. You can scroll down and read more about each of the items, and others with this design too.

“My Mother’s Columbines” Votive

Columbines Votive

Columbines Votive

This glass votive is etched by hand and finished with a clear frosted label I printed of my watercolor “Columbines”. It’s made from a repurposed condiment jar 6″ tall x 3″ diameter and comes with an LED tea light.

My Mother’s Columbines 9″ Round Keepsake

This box has my painting “My Mother’s Columbines” on the top, painted with deep forest green and sides embellished with a pattern of smaller images of the painting. Box measures 9″ in diameter x 5″ high. Price includes shipping.

Use for storage for small items, photos or special keepsakes, or use as gift boxes.

I choose a variety of papier-mâché boxes from the craft store, envisioning the art I’ll print and decoupage to it and the colors I’ll paint it, and spend a few days creating and embellishing, under feline supervision, of course.

I use soy-based acrylic paints and print my artwork on acid-free matte-finish paper with archival waterproof inks and adhere the print to the box. Box insides are unfinished.

The boxes are handmade in their country of origin and may vary slightly in size and shape or have slight imperfections, but each one is an original and I often make a particular design only once.


My Mother’s Columbines 4″ Tile

Columbines Tile

Columbines Tile

Tiles are about 4″ square, made of white polymer clay rolled thin with my painting “Columbines” onto the surface. Because they are handmade and shaping, stamping and drying changes their dimensions, they are not uniform in size, shape or thickness, but that makes each one unique.


  • These are not safe to eat off of or serve food.
  • These work great with items filled with hot food or liquids, like mugs of coffee or tea or dishes filled with cooked food. There is not enough heat transferred to affect the polymer.
  • These cannot be used with items taken out of the oven or microwave or off the stove, any item which has been heated by cooking—the polymer will soften from the heat.

You can even get a matching greeting card or gift bag.

My Mother’s Columbhines Greeting Card

My Mother’s Columbines Gift Bags

Like the tiles but not the keepsake and votive?

I also have a special on three flowery tiles.

Summer Flowers Tiles


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