New handmade votives

New Feline and Flower Votives

New handmade votives

New handmade votives

Some more of my Star of Wonder votives, and then some new ones!

Star of Wonder Votives

Star of Wonder Votives

Since we’re not recycling glass anymore I’m still using glass jars from condiments and pickles and such for feline and flower votives. They are etched inside and have either a vinyl label I’ve printed or hand-painting on the outside. Because I’m largely using recycled jars each one is unique and I enjoy fitting the art or image to the shape and size of the jar. To some of them I add an extra finish in areas where a label won’t cover easily with alcohol inks.

I etch the inside of all the votives before I embellish them to help diffuse the light from the candle.

All the smaller ones are $15 each including shipping (or $10 if you’re local and can pick up) and include an LED candle.

Spring Wildflower Votive or Lamp

Wildflowers Votive/Lamp

Wildflowers Votive/Lamp

The biggest one, “Spring Wildflowers”, is made from a family size jar of pickles, 12″ tall and 16″ in circumference. All jars have interesting surface detail that is both decorative and intended to strengthen the glass, and labels can only be placed on flat surfaces. This has a 5″ band of pink and yellow and white wildflowers around the flat center, then I finished the curved top and bottom with speckles of green and yellow alcohol ink. The speckles make an interesting pattern when using mixed colors and I decided to try this rather than marbling those areas. I used an LED pillar candle in it and that’s why it’s like a lamp.

This particular design was the instigation for me to make this new group. I’ve had this jar for over a year thinking how cool it would be with wildflowers on the outside of and use a pillar candle or a string of lights inside. Since the beginning of the year when I’ve wanted to get back to designing new things this design has stayed with me. So here it is. I still wasn’t sure it was going to work for anyone else besides me, though.

It actually sold nearly as soon as I shared the photos of new votives on Facebook, but that was an affirmation of the design—especially when another friend aked if I was going to make another one just like it. So I share the photo here and let you know that you’ll be seeing items as close to this as possible in my gallery of Votives.

Other Flower-inspired Votives

The flower-inspired votives are “Angel Daisies” and “Red Climbers”.

Angel Daisies Votive

Angel Daisies Votive

Angel Daisies Votive

This glass votive is etched by hand and finished with a clear label I printed from my artwork “Angel Daisies”. It’s made from a purchased shaped glass votive 3.25″ x 3.25″ and comes with an LED tea light. I just love the way this votive turned out, and whether I make it on the purchased round votive or use a jar, I’ll always have one or two in stock.

Read more about the image and the votive, and order the Angel Daisies Votive or purchase below.

Red Climbers Votive

Red Climbers Votive

Red Climbers Votive

This glass votive is etched inside by hand and has a vinyl print of my painting “Red Climbers”. It’s made from a repurposed spaghetti sauce jar 4” in diameter and 6″ tall and comes with an LED tea light. I hadn’t even thought of using this art as a votive, but considering its wide narrow shape it’s a natural for wrapping around a jar and it won the lottery as I pulled up and considered images.

Read more about the image and the votive, and order the Red Climbers Votive or purchase below.

Feline-inspired Votives

The feline-inspired votives are “In Afternoon Sun” and “Impressionist Cats”, which has four images around the outside.

Impressionist Cats Feline Votive

I had a square jelly jar that was just asking for four images, one on each side, so I used one of the sets of images I use when I make up keepsake boxes or greeting card sets. This votive sold too, but I have other square jars, and may even look for a square purchased votive too.

In Afternoon Sun Feline Votive

In Afternoon Sun Feline Votive

In Afternoon Sun Feline Votive

I hadn’t intended to make this one just yet because I wasn’t sure how the black would work out on a votive. I was also thinking of a different jar, like the one I used for Red Climbers. In the end it fit perfectly on the purchased glass votive, but eventually it will work well on other jars, and the black is dense but not opaque, as I had hoped.

This glass votive is etched by hand and finished with a clear label I printed from my sketch “In Afternoon Sun”. It’s made from a purchased shaped glass votive 3.25″ x 3.25″ and comes with an LED tea light.

Read more about the image and the votive, and order the In Afternoon Sun Feline Votive or purchase below.

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