A selection of new feline photos.

New Feline Photos for Prints and Greeting Cards

A selection of new feline photos.

A selection of new feline photos.

My gallery of feline art has been growing but my feline photos have been stalled practically since I began building this site over a year ago. This is not for lack of photos—in fact just the opposite. I have more photos than I know what to do with. I produce them far faster than I do artwork, and I still have years of photos I’ve archived before now, like 30 years of them. Sorting and choosing exactly which ones to add can be bewildering.

I have another set after these that are all of one cat, but for this set I chose a mix of older photos on film from as long as 20 years ago and newer photos, even ones I’d shared on Facebook and Instagram. The older ones I’ve offered in the past and are always well-received when I share them on The Creative Cat, whence most cat things are first introduced.

The newer ones had been popular the first time I shared them, and because I share photos annually in posts with new photos from the same date I asked if others would like particular photos as cards or prints, and those were the winners.

Click on any photo or gallery below to see a larger version. The options for ordering individual images can be found below the image or gallery, but in  my photo gallery of Cats these photos have a complete story and you can often see the framed option samples.

Moses was my first feral rescue kitten, before I even knew that cats could be feral. Her gentle personality was calming and precious to me, and these photos of her were instantly recognizable as a sweet kitty to those who read about her on The Creative Cat.

Link to post: Late in the Year

[ss_product id=’6a374c40-0ac5-11e7-b2d9-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, Late in the Year[/ss_product]

Link to post: September Morning in the Garden

[ss_product id=’1ca25eae-0ac3-11e7-aa6c-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, September Morning[/ss_product]

Link to post: The Garden Bean

[ss_product id=’4472126c-4c64-11e6-a9f2-0cc47a075d76′ ]Feline Photo, “The Garden Bean”[/ss_product]

“Stripes on Stripe” has been available since 2006 when I took the photo of the napping Stanley, covered in his own stripes, layered with shadowed stripes from the deck rail, with an underlay of even more stripes from the decking boards. It works well rectangular or square.

Stripes on Stripe

Stripes on Stripe

Link to post: Stripes on Stripe

[ss_product id=’11a3abe8-0744-11e7-88ca-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, Stripes on Stripes[/ss_product]

Bella and Basil are new additions to my feline family, and they were immediately popular with followers, especially when I found that yellow basket. And Bella with those eyes…trust me, this is only the beginning of photos of these two with the basket and without.

Link to post: Surprise!

[ss_product id=’ccf86216-0740-11e7-9715-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, Surprise![/ss_product]

Link to post: Bella’s Basket of Dreams

[ss_product id=’ab330f56-073f-11e7-a78a-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, Bellas Basket of Dreams[/ss_product]

Link to post: The Eyes Have It

[ss_product id=’22ae66fc-0740-11e7-acfc-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, The Eyes Have It[/ss_product]

Just the other day I photographed Giuseppe watching a cardinal singing in the spruce outside the studio window and shared a photo of just his profile, to great acclaim. Readers asked me when I’d be offering the photo, and that was the start of adding a new group.

Watching the World

Watching the World

Link to post: Watching the World

[ss_product id=’a0766514-0743-11e7-9cbc-002590787d08′ ]Feline Photo, Watching the World[/ss_product]

Any photo can also be ordered as a greeting card. Some are available commercially, but I can also print individual cards. If any become popular as cards I can print a quantity. It’s all up to you which ones are chosen!

You can find these photos in my photo gallery of Cats.

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