Three from the set of "Found Along the Panhandle Trail" keepsake boxes.

Organize With Nature, “Found Along the Panhandle Trail” Series Cube Keepsake Boxes

Three from the set of "Found Along the Panhandle Trail" keepsake boxes.

Three from the set of “Found Along the Panhandle Trail” keepsake boxes.

Are you sorting photos or correspondence, even bills? Clean up 2019 and start 2020. Colorful boxes inspired by flowers, butterflies and scenes of the Panhandle Trail will make the job easier and be prettier to look at than an old box.

This set of cube-shaped papier-mâché boxes ranges in size from 9″ x 9″ to 3″ x 3″.

Each box has five images, one on the top and on each side, and is trimmed in a complementary color. All images are from the Panhandle Trail. You don’t need to buy the whole set, but you can certainly buy more than one.

A Special Discount

$25.00 for Two

Purchase two keepsake boxes for $25.00, a $5.00 savings!

Choose from the available keepsake box designs


I have three left of the current set, seen above, and below I have listed the five images for each box:

  • 9 x 9 box: Wildflower Fields, photographs
  • 8 x 8 box: Four Seasons of the Panhandle Trail, paintings

The photo below includes the entire set. I typically make one or two sets each year and will soon be making another set for this year.

Set of Seven Keepsakes Inspired by Nature

I choose a theme for each box and from that choose the five images and a color that coordinates with the artwork to paint the trim. I then print my artwork on acid-free matte-finish paper with archival waterproof inks and adhere the print to the lid and sides. Box insides are unfinished.

Use for storage for small items, photos or special keepsakes, or use as gift boxes.

The boxes are handmade and may vary slightly in size and shape or have slight imperfections.


Wildflowers, butterflies, seasonal art, muddy spring days, hot summer afternoons, crisp autumn mornings and quiet winter dusks, a set of seven cube-shaped keepsake boxes. Nature is so full of color and beauty I hardly know where to start or finish.

9 x 9 box: Wildflower Fields, photographs

  • Woodland Sunflowers
  • Sweet Peas
  • Daisies, Hen’s Foot and Vetch
  • Hyssop and Sweet Peas
  • Hen’s Foot and Vetch

8 x 8 box: Four Seasons of the Panhandle Trail, paintings

  • The Rope Swing
  • Spring Trail
  • Summer Sunset, Robinson Run
  • Autumn Along the Trail
  • Dusk in the Woods

6 x 6 box: Into the Woods, paintings

  • Summer Sunset Robinson Run
  • Running Through the Woods
  • The Swimming Hole
  • Paths I Have Walked
  • The Rope Swing

5 x 5 box: Butterflies of the Trail

  • Great Spangled Fritillary on Milkweed
  • Silvery Checkerspot on Orange Butterfly Weed
  • Monarch on Mulberry Leaf
  • Silvery Checkerspot on Fleabane
  • Tiger Swallowtail on Joe-pye Weed

4 x 4 box: Summer Wildflowers, photos

  • Three Sunflowers
  • Sweet Peas
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Hyssop and Vetch with Cabbage White Butterfly
  • Ironweed

3 x 3 box: Spring Wildflowers, photos

  • Nodding Trillium
  • Downy Yellow Violet
  • Red Trillium
  • Spring Cress
  • Cranesbill Geranium

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