Display of feline-themed gifts.

Out of Stock on Feline Gift Items

Display of feline-themed gifts.

Display of feline-themed gifts.

I decided to bundle up all my small feline gift items to sell wholesale to an organization to help cover veterinary costs, especially for Giuseppe’s upcoming visit to a neurology specialist. I have listed the categories included below, and note that this only includes feline-themed gift items, not nature and wildlife-themed items.

If you don’t follow me on The Creative Cat you probably don’t know that I’ve had several senior cats who each had medical conditions over the past 18 months. Thank goodness for followers who donated to fill in the gaps where my income and sales couldn’t cover it. The difficulty is not just the money itself, it’s the large sums all at once. Selling all the gift items at once really takes care of a lot of the time and income and care issues right now.

Giuseppe has had three seizures and his vision is impaired to some extent so he needs some care through the day and that makes it difficult to attend vendor events, or sometimes even work on making new items. I can confine him, but he can’t always find his food, and sometimes he walks through it! I confine him to the bathroom overnight and last night he spilled the contents of a supposedly non-tippable ceramic water bowl onto the floor and his favorite cat bed. Keeping him confined isn’t a good regular solution.

I am actually out of a number of things already because of both the time spent to care for these kitties, grief at losing two of them, and the repair work I had done on my house in my work spaces. That work still has some finishing and I can’t wait to be fully back up to speed in my studios! The grief, well…

Here are the categories of small feline gift items included, exceptions noted:

Art Paper



Garden Flags

Gift Bags

Hand-printed Art, Housewares and Apparel except framed block prints: Tortie Girls, Awakening, Kelly’s Morning Bath

Hand-printed Cards

Hand-printed Wrapping Paper


Keepsake Boxes

Laminated Placemats



Painted Signs

Tiles and Coasters


Trinket and Decorative Dishes

Totes, Accessories and Purses

Votives except custom votives


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