Burnished Waves, pastel, 10 x 18, 1998 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Burnished Waves, Pastel

Burnished Waves, pastel, is a framed original painting, 10 x 16. It is matted with 3″ acid-free mats, 2.25″ teal with a leather-pattern texture on top, .25″ pale yellow and .5″ dusky blue on the bottom. It’s framed in a pre-made 16″ x 22″ wood frame which I hand-finished in antique gold with an olive gold metallic wash. The backing is acid-free foam core and the glass is premium clear glass.

About the framing

Though the original is sold, the purchaser did not want the mat and frame; I still have it here. He was traveling back to Europe and a flat painting could pack into his suitcase, and he could get framing done at a reasonable price at home. The first framed print order gets the original frame and mat you see below.



This original pastel was painted “en plein air” as I stood on a beach at sunset on Presque Isle, in Erie, PA.

The deepening light of evening and sunset burnishes all it touches with gold and silver, and always encourages a time of memory and reflection for me. I had spent the day on Presque Isle in Erie, playing in the water, collecting shells and rocks, photographing the woods and water, and finally settled on one of the beaches facing west to do some painting. Rain clouds rolled in as the sun dropped toward the horizon, deepening shadows and brightening highlights as I did my best to capture the rapidly changing light, the building clouds and lapping waves which grew as the wind increased.

I matted and framed this painting when I finished it in 1999, but for many years it sat in my “extra paintings” box; there was something I just wasn’t happy with at the time. But when the time came for my annual poetry reading and art show in 2011 and nothing new fit what I was feeling in my poetry, I found this in the extras box and realized that when I painted it, I just wasn’t quite ready for its message.

This painting became the signature image for my fifth poetry reading and art exhibit at The Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall in January 2011 entitled “Burnished Light on Water”, featuring 12 new poems inspired by evening light and reflections, both physical and metaphoric, and an exhibit of paintings and photographs.



Shipping within the US is included in the cost of each print.

Prints up to 16″ x 20″ are shipped flat in a rigid envelope. Larger prints are shipped rolled in a mailing tube unless otherwise requested; flat shipping is an extra cost because it’s oversized.