Two Yellow Cats Valentine.

Feline Valentine, Two Yellow Cats

This card was designed from one of my daily sketches and just lends itself to a variety of themes—Valentine, friendship, thinking of you…I introduced it for Valentine’s Day but actually offer it in two designs. You may just be friends with the recipient, or you may be using the card for an entirely different purpose, so I offer this design with a heart, and without.

Two Yellow Cats Valentine.

Two Yellow Cats Valentine.

Two Yellow Cats everyday car.Two Yellow Cats everyday car.

Two Yellow Cats everyday card.

The message inside is “…purrrr….purrrrr…purrrrr…” in my own handwriting in an attempt to simulate the kitty purring on my lap at the time, a message that can be given to a friend or to someone who is a little more than a friend.

Text inside “Two Yellow Cats”, both design versions.

Text inside “Two Yellow Cats”, both design versions.

Both design options are available all the time so you can send your chosen greeting any time of the year. You can purchase a custom mixed half dozen or dozen too.

This card comes with choice of red, white or yellow acid-free envelopes which are inkjet/laser compatible.

About the artwork

This daily sketch was done in felt-tip brush markers, signed and dated 7/7/12.

“Even if it’s too hot to cuddle, I still love my sister.”

That’s Jelly Bean and Mewsette enjoying a quiet moment looking out the basement door. Actually, Jelly Bean was trying to get Mewsette to give him a little bath on the head, knowing that if he leaned in at just the right angle and just the right moment, Mewsette would turn and lick him without even thinking about it. It didn’t work, but it was okay.

Jelly Bean and Mewsette are black but as you know I have fun sketching them in totally unrealistic colors. In this case I wanted to express the sunshine on a hot summer morning. After I’d looked at it a few times I could just imagine a little red heart above the two so I drew that separately, but in the same style.

  • Choice of red, white or yellow envelopes, or a mix of both.
  • Price includes shipping.
  • If no choice is made, the default design has the heart and the envelope color is red.

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