Handmade Feline Gift Bags, All Designs

This is where you can choose from all the designs to purchase a quantity of gift bags and receive the discount up to a dozen bags.

I adhere a high-quality print of my artwork to a medium-size paper gift bag. Bags measure approximately 8″ x 10″ x 3″ deep but may vary slightly. Price includes shipping.

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The list of design names is below, and all available bags are shown in a gallery below the list with their titles.

Current Gift Bag Designs

Peaches and Peonies, burgundy
After Dinner Nap, green
Warm Winter Sun, brown
Garden Sketch With Mimi, red
Two Cats After van Gogh, blue
Two Yellow Cats, yellow
Blending, purple
Inscrutable Patterns, yellow
Winter Window, green
Afternoon Nap, brown
Cool Morning Bath, blue
Sunday Morning, green
Sophie Gets a Look at Herself, red
Sophie Gets a Look at Herself, kraft
Sophie Gets a Look at Herself, green
An Old Memory, kraft
Mewsette on the Afghan, red
Mewsette on the Afghan, yellow
Peace on Earth, kraft
Stained Glass Cats, yellow
Snowy Morning, white
Star of Wonder, blue
Star of Kittens, blue

From the first time I received a gift bag with feline artwork on it, I could picture my art on a gift bag. I’ve tried a few different methods and finally found one that works well: printing my art to size on a commercial-grade label and buffing it permanently onto the bag. The art can only be on the front because of the way the bag folds, but so many bag colors and styles exist and that keeps them lively.

These bags are medium-sized shopping bags, usually around 8″ x 10″ x 3″, but they vary slightly in size, color and finish, even in the same lot, and sometimes they even have colored handles. If you purchase more than one in the same design and color I will make sure they match.

You can find them divided into collections and individually in the “Gift Bags” section of my “Handmade Gift Items” page